The Treasure of Vix

We had a very pleasant surprise on reading about The “Treasure of Vix” a few days before our recent foray into France again and discovering it was on our route into Burgundy. The Treasure is a collection of artefacts housed in the Vix Museum at Chatillon-Sur-Seine, and being situated between the end of Champagne and … Continue reading The Treasure of Vix

WordPress Photo Challenge: Layered …… in time

Ostia Antica-Layered in time  The ancient, abandoned city of Ostia Antica, once the sea port of ancient Rome is like a time capsule. Multi-layered archaelogically, possibly first settled in 7th Century BC, oldest remains dating back to 4th Century BC, sacked by pirates in 68 BC and rebuilt by Cicero. In 113 AD silting of … Continue reading WordPress Photo Challenge: Layered …… in time

Local: The Corinium Mosaics

  Corinium Dobunnorum was the Romano-British settlement at Cirencester just a short drive of a few miles from our home. Its 2nd-century walls enclosed the 2nd-largest city in Roman Britain. It was the tribal capital of the Dobunii and is usually thought to have been the capital of one of the five British provinces, Britannia … Continue reading Local: The Corinium Mosaics