Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

French Chateau, love ‘em on the outside, hate ‘em on the inside! Soulless, bereft of character, mostly empty or with a few artefacts as an afterthought! Here’s a simple comparison before I move on, Dover Castle, Kent, England. No words necessary, just see how they have painstakingly restored the splendid grandeur of some of the … Continue reading Chateau Saumur … a love-hate experience!

Chateau Montreuil-Bellay without wine!

Don’t you just love French Chateau, especially if they are involved in winemaking too! Externally preserved quite wonderfully because Oliver Cromwell and his cannons had no cause to cross the water, but often bereft internally, stripped of all furnishings. A marvellous exterior is let down by a soulless interior. We visited the small town of … Continue reading Chateau Montreuil-Bellay without wine!

Cremant, Next big thing in Sparkling Wine?

Champagne and Prosecco might be the dominant markets for fizzy wine globally at present, but a moments thought should lead you to discover another sparkling wine type ..... Cremant. This is the generic name for wines made in France that are not permitted to use the name Champagne, simply because they are not from that … Continue reading Cremant, Next big thing in Sparkling Wine?