Was this the birthplace of a revolution that changed the world?

Coalbrookdale is a truly significant place in the history of the Industrial Revolution. It was here that Abraham Darby changed ironmaking by using coke instead of charcoal and his original furnace is preserved as a historic reminder.

This is how to meet your ancestors!

Probably the best outdoor museum in England, Blists Hill in the Ironbridge Gorge is a reconstructed Victorian Town where you can relive a typical day in shops, a pub, a working foundry, and even buy fish and chips old style.

How a “revolution” leads to a social war!

The English county of Kent has been known as The Garden of England for over 400 years and dates back to a dish of Kentish cherries which particularly satisfied King Henry VIII. And, despite a survey in 2006 declaring North Yorkshire to have taken the title, as Charles Dickens proclaimed, “Kent, sir, everyone knows Kent. … Continue reading How a “revolution” leads to a social war!

“Industrial Rides” as the ancestral Tour of England continues

“Industrial history is not primarily about machines, raw materials, processes and products. It is about the people who created, innovated, laboured, suffered, acquired, bought and enjoyed, became rich or died young, lived comfortably on the profits or were crushed by the harshness of it all. None of this would have happened without people …….” This … Continue reading “Industrial Rides” as the ancestral Tour of England continues