Totalitarian Britain: Big Brexit Lies!

 Britain is on the verge of leaving the EU on October 31st with or without a deal from the EU. Without a deal though means trading on WTO (World Trade Organisation) terms. Our government is being attacked from all sides however with the mantra of "there is no mandate for no deal" and the usual … Continue reading Totalitarian Britain: Big Brexit Lies!

Totalitarian Britain: State Capture is nigh!

Unionism appears to be sleepwalking into oblivion and the UK, once admired around the world for an understated but comfortably unifying Britishness that was inclusive, outward-looking, tolerant and ultimately pragmatic, now presents an ugly picture." Gordon Brown, Labour Prime Minister 2008-2010 I never thought I'd agree with anything from an ex Labour prime minister, especially … Continue reading Totalitarian Britain: State Capture is nigh!

Not Wordless Wednesday: Our garden goes “exotic”!

I'm well known for my veg, becoming known for my flowers ....... but only at a basic level. But, I wrote a while back about what inspires some of my blogging ..... books, travel, wine and other folks blogs. One of my blogging mates, Andrew, of Have Blog Will Travel, recently had some cracking images … Continue reading Not Wordless Wednesday: Our garden goes “exotic”!

Totalitarian Britain “C’est la bullshit!”

I have quite a few friends in France, mostly winemakers, who are concerned about the effect of Brexit on their business. But, who do they blame .......... President Microman! But I have news for them, and for all those totalitarians in our parliament who are trying their damnedest to undermine our democracy through lies, lies … Continue reading Totalitarian Britain “C’est la bullshit!”

Totalitarian Britain: The National Health Service

"The closest thing the British have to a religion is the FREE National Health Service (The NHS)" Of course it's not free, it is paid for by the taxpayer, and paid for across the whole of their lives, compulsorily. Nothing wrong with that though! However for as long as I can remember the NHS has … Continue reading Totalitarian Britain: The National Health Service