How to easily recognise culture

We love France, the French people, the towns and villages, their wine, and ……… their enduring and delightful ways of maintaining and demonstrating their culture. Festivals that celebrate obscure events like the grapes first turning red, the escargot, the moule, and so on. But there is a sure fire way to see how much they … Continue reading How to easily recognise culture

A Brexiteer Bastille Day

Wandering around Chinon yesterday, July 14th, a day when French people celebrate their freedom from oppression, I captured this photo of Geoff, a bar owner in the town centre reading The Brexiteer newspaper. I asked him what he most liked about it and he said "it's free for democrats..... so that means non-democrats must pay!" … Continue reading A Brexiteer Bastille Day

A Year in Nepal: Chapter 2 Dinner’s Ready!

"A Year in Nepal" is a book I have been writing since the beginning of this year, 2019. I'd got to my 6th chapter and somehow ran out of steam, lots of ideas, content, adventures, but just couldn't continue or explain it! I let it sit there for two months, and despite encouragement from friends … Continue reading A Year in Nepal: Chapter 2 Dinner’s Ready!

Is an apology enough?

Following up this morning's post about England's greatest living philosopher, the Guido Fawkes website have just reported that Sir Roger Scruton has been issued an apology from The New Statesman rag. But is that enough, will he get his job back, will the retraction by them be published on mainstream media, will the rag be … Continue reading Is an apology enough?