Wine History: #2 The most famous wine chateau in the world.

Across hundreds of years the Clos de Vougeot has developed far beyond its simple beginnings. Wine is no longer made at the Chateau, it is a museum as well as being the headquarters of The Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin. It has had a turbulent history through to its modern day fame and the continuing … Continue reading Wine History: #2 The most famous wine chateau in the world.

Wine History: #1 Chateau du Clos de Vougeot …. it’s not about the wine!

Burgundy, the most evocative word and place in any wine lovers lexicon. Chateau de Clos de Vougeot, the most revered building to wine officianados and undoubtedly the most famous wine chateau in the world. To begin, take a quick peek at this short video which will give you an “atmospheric flavour” of this historic place. … Continue reading Wine History: #1 Chateau du Clos de Vougeot …. it’s not about the wine!

Should you join a wine club?

With a personal hobby of wine collecting and visiting vineyards the current pandemic has completely stopped any visits I had planned. A few planned were here in England around the counties of Kent and Sussex, and we were also due a late Spring visit to Burgundy based in the village of Puligny Montrachet. But collecting … Continue reading Should you join a wine club?

Wine Lovers Masterclass #4 Terroir and The Burgundy Effect

An entertaining way of increasing your understanding of the concept of “terroir”. We begin with a little history of what has become known as The Burgundy Effect and how the search for the right environment around the world to grow Pinot Noir and Chardonnay created a revolution. Then, we follow with a movie following seven Burgundian winemakers across the four seasons of a single year with their families as they strive to achieve perfection in their wine.

Wine Lovers Masterclass: #3 Taste The Terroir

Want to understand more about why some wines made from the same grape can be so different? Want to feel more confident when visiting a vineyard and during a wine tasting? Then here’s the key to it all: understanding a little about grape varieties is basic level knowledge for wine appreciation, but it is only through considering the defining elements of “terroir” and their affect on any grape (and therefore the finished wine product) that your wine appreciation will rise to greater heights.