Sculpture in the vineyard …. a stunning exhibition!

There’s more to wine than wine tasting, which is why I probably overuse the phrase “it’s not about the wine”. So, at the risk of being repetitive .... there are many reasons for visiting a vineyard and not all of them are about wine tasting. Last month we spent a day at one of our … Continue reading Sculpture in the vineyard …. a stunning exhibition!

The Two Doctors Wine Awards 2018: #4 England

English wines are on the rise ... from a quality viewpoint and in the marketplace. In 2017 Winbirri from Norfolk won one of the Platinum medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards for its Bacchus 2015, Taittinger has bought Domaine Evremond in Kent, and Nyetimber beats Champagnes in the Paris blind tasting event! And all … Continue reading The Two Doctors Wine Awards 2018: #4 England

From wine bluff to wine judge-The icing on the cake!

It’s been a heck of a year in my personal wine calendar! First, I made it to membership of the Wine Century Club having tasted wines from 100+ different grapes. Then I converted our travel blog into one focusing exclusively on wine .... tasting, travels, philosophy. Third, I began my Wines 101 Bucket List and … Continue reading From wine bluff to wine judge-The icing on the cake!

Wines & Vines under those “Dreaming Spires”

First a little historical stuff! Oxford is the county town of Oxfordshire and famous worldwide for its prestigious university, the oldest in the English-speaking world. In his poem ‘Thyrsis’ the Victorian poet Matthew Arnold called Oxford ‘the city of dreaming spires’ after the stunning architecture of these university buildings. Arnold wrote his poem to commemorate the … Continue reading Wines & Vines under those “Dreaming Spires”

Is “English Sparkling Wine” bubbling enough?

English Sparkling Wine is really bubbling at the moment (Because of Brexit? Sorry BBC couldn’t resist being positive!) Brilliant wines being produced in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and more. Nyetimber, Chapel Down, Three Choirs, Poulton Hill to name only a few. But I have a problem .... “English Sparkling Wine”, too many words! Think Champagne … Continue reading Is “English Sparkling Wine” bubbling enough?