A Zoom virtual wine tasting beats Coronavirus!

Family wine tastings are a bit of a challenge at present with Coronavirus preventing buying a wine and then the risk of the family coming together. The first of these, buying a wine, is not a problem to this family since we all have large collections built up over many years of visiting vineyards across … Continue reading A Zoom virtual wine tasting beats Coronavirus!

Sculpture Saturday: “Fork in Pollen”

A weekly sculpture photo challenge from Mind Over Memory. My offering this week is one from my Sculpture in the Vineyard collection. The title of it tickled me, metaphorically speaking, because I suffer from severe pollen allergy even this early in the year. Posing in the photo at Bothy Vineyard in Oxfordshire, is Dr C. … Continue reading Sculpture Saturday: “Fork in Pollen”

The next BIG thing in wine?

I’m beginning to think that Corbieres could be The Next BIG Thing in Wine, or the wider region around it! Maybe you don’t know what is Corbieres, is it a place, is it a grape, or even which country it comes from? So lets start at the beginning. Corbieres is in France, in the Western … Continue reading The next BIG thing in wine?

Still keeping calm and carrying on!

A little bit of sunshine does you good! So now the UK is in virtual lockdown. “Am I bovvered?” Not a bit. Did a bit of gardening this morning planting out the onions I’d pre sprouted, reorganised the larder shelves and had a long chat with my best friend in Kathmandu. Now, sitting in the … Continue reading Still keeping calm and carrying on!