The Alternative Kathmandu: The complete Series #1 revisited

Why follow the crowds in Kathmandu and see what everyone else sees? Visit the REAL bazaars and people of the original Kathmandu, visit a temple that few people know about, visit a town with a strange history, and walk back in time through the streets of the original inhabitants of Kathmandu,the Newar.

Sewage, sex and skeletons at Herculaneum!

Luca’s humour and enthusiasm for all things archaeological was like a glass of the best prosecco you have ever tasted compared to some of the earlier tour guides who were more like the dregs from the previous night’s bottle of Mongolian Red! He was also capable of walking and talking at the same time, so … Continue reading Sewage, sex and skeletons at Herculaneum!

Pompeii : Forget the guidebook, just wander.

There are times when guides and guidebooks are a hindrance to mindfulness in travel. Each of these drives you in a direction of THEIR choice and at THEIR pace, something we have suffered from in the past few days in Mdina, Syracuse, Valletta ....... Our cruise ship had docked at Naples just after 8.00 am … Continue reading Pompeii : Forget the guidebook, just wander.

The secrets of Mindful Travel ….. do you know them?

These women were about as mindful of their surroundings as a fart in a lift! What’s the point in travelling if you crave home foods and luxuries from day one!