Where we’ve been and what we thought of it

How not to take a selfie!

Our holiday begins with an overnight in Folkestone and a short picnic on the pebble beach at Dungeness. Classic Victorian hotel on the sea front with France in clear sight. If you’re wondering about the image above, one of these… Read More ›

Book Review: The Art of Travel

This is the book, written by Alain de Botton, that completely revolutionised our approach to travel, opening our eyes to our surroundings, putting us in touch with our environment …… this book is mindfulness personified. Structurally the book is divided… Read More ›

The Treasure of Vix

We had a very pleasant surprise on reading about The “Treasure of Vix” a few days before our recent foray into France again and discovering it was on our route into Burgundy. The Treasure is a collection of artefacts housed… Read More ›