Netcast #1.18: Things not on Mainstream Media this week

My “other” site, Textus Roffensis with a few things not found on mainstream media last week. Including: Increase in London crime figures Project Fear illegal spending Israel to jail illegal immigrants Propised “red lines” for Brexit Blair lies again over NHS Click here to read a short summary of each Textus Roffensis    Edited with BlogPad Pro

UK housing shortage exposed!

During my university days I was taught that “the facts do NOT speak for themselves”, they need sifting, sorting, analysing, understanding, interpreting, and that there will always be cultural, political, philosophical biases. Correlation does not mean causality either, but the way Mainstream Media often report on the facts you would think they are the sole … Continue reading UK housing shortage exposed!

Abolish or reform the House of Lords

The House of Lords is an outdated institution for the privileged few cronies of ex Prime Ministers and Opposition Leaders who “reward” them with power beyond the needs of UK citizens. Debates are taking place NOW to reform this so called arbiter of British politics so please help by clicking this link if you believe … Continue reading Abolish or reform the House of Lords