A Morning Walk With A Barn Owl

  Early mornings have become prime time for our daily walk together as we ensure social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. At 7.00am there’s usually not another soul in sight and we have been very lucky in recent days with little or no cloud and reasonable temperatures. I do a couple of miles around the … Continue reading A Morning Walk With A Barn Owl

Sculpture Saturday: “Fork in Pollen”

A weekly sculpture photo challenge from Mind Over Memory. My offering this week is one from my Sculpture in the Vineyard collection. The title of it tickled me, metaphorically speaking, because I suffer from severe pollen allergy even this early in the year. Posing in the photo at Bothy Vineyard in Oxfordshire, is Dr C. … Continue reading Sculpture Saturday: “Fork in Pollen”

Keep Calm & Carry On ……… again!

It was a beautiful sunny day in the English Cotswolds yesterday, a 3.5 miles walk early morning, followed by a cuppa of my favourite tea reading a book in a sunny spot in the garden. The only (minor) problem was feeling like I was halfway up a Himalayan peak again ...... semi knackered and bloody … Continue reading Keep Calm & Carry On ……… again!

No technology, only chalkboards and copy books!

During our 10 years education aid work in Nepal we didn’t find a single school that was using technology in any primary school classroom ...... and we worked with 200 schools in the capital city, Kathmandu. Chalkboards and exercise books, the forerunners of electronic whiteboards and personal tablets, were everywhere however, with children copying things … Continue reading No technology, only chalkboards and copy books!