I blame Jeremy or Greta!

I'm bloody sick of this, I've had enough! I don't care whether you call it Extinction Rebellion or Extermination Rebellion. They have to go! They're in the house They're in the garden They're in the whole village They almost devastated the runner beans They're in my salad But ….. now they've landed in my glass … Continue reading I blame Jeremy or Greta!

Buddha and the duck!

From time to time we all come across a blog or a post from a fellow blogger that catches your eye or tickles your fancy! Here's one that's definitely tickled me from Dr John Persico Jnr about a conversation between Buddha and a duck! Our own followers know that we also write things like this … Continue reading Buddha and the duck!

How a bawdy philosopher made a monkey of “authority”!

“Monk, doctor, writer, botanist, and translator, Rabelais was one of the most enlightened minds of the Renaissance. Behind the comic, laughter-inducing exterior of his work lie some very important issues; war, education, religion, marriage, and the question of the Other. He was a humanist, his writing full of the new ideas both he and Erasmus … Continue reading How a bawdy philosopher made a monkey of “authority”!

Why don’t I just kill myself? Nihilism?

Nihilistic thoughts in a French wine bar! There's nothing like a wine bar in France to bring out the philosopher in us all, especially if it's named after the great French philosopher, monk, doctor, satirist and author ……… Rabelais, even to the extent of philosophising about “doing my country a favour and killing myself”. Is … Continue reading Why don’t I just kill myself? Nihilism?

“I Drink Therefore I Am”

What's the connection between Francis Bacon, Roger Scruton, Dr B’s PhD, and a glass of Cabernet Franc in a wine bar called Cave Voltaire in Chinon, the home town of Rabelais? This is going to be one hell of a post if I can convince you of the connection. Sitting here today in the Cave … Continue reading “I Drink Therefore I Am”