How Britain was saved from nuclear disaster

Imagine that tomorrow you are told that milk and beef are no longer available in your area, so for children no free milk at school, none for breakfast cereal, and no roast beef on Sundays. No explanation except vague hints at contamination, especially in relation to dairy and livestock farming. This actually happened in Cumbria, … Continue reading How Britain was saved from nuclear disaster

Manjushri the embodiment of #Buddhist Wisdom

Who is Manjushri? Whenever you visit a Buddhist or Hindu country you will easily recognise images of Buddha but are probably less likely to even notice other statues, carvings or paintings of other religious deities or Boddhisatva. One such icon is Manjushri who, along with the likes of Saraswati and Tara, are extremely important in … Continue reading Manjushri the embodiment of #Buddhist Wisdom

Random scribbles on an iPad

Our view of the world changed in 2016. This was the year in which our 10 year effort to transform Nepal's education system imploded, we "became" overnight fascist, racist, misogynists because of the way we voted in a referendum, and third, our travels in retirement expanded with separate holidays in Paris, Alsace, Burgundy, Prague, Budapest, … Continue reading Random scribbles on an iPad

It’s not just about the Buddha statue!

Yesterdays post was all about the small statue-icons of Buddha in our home, family treasures I called them. But there is more to the iconic art of Buddhism than statues and today here is a sample of some of the examples in our home. Plates, stone carvings, and ....... Paubah.... which you may need to … Continue reading It’s not just about the Buddha statue!

Buddha icons and family treasures

Our home is full of Buddhist art and icons mostly gifts from family in Kathmandu. Some are priceless, not because they are solid gold or silver, but because of who gave them to us and the craftsmanship involved. All are of Newari origin and here are a few in a series we will post over … Continue reading Buddha icons and family treasures