How memories contribute to identity

Memories from a visit to the Blists Hill outdoor museum plus feelings of identity standing in a Cumbrian field have awakened even more intense memories that I am sure have a lot to do with my past 6 months family history research. Rolling all of these things together takes me back to when we had … Continue reading How memories contribute to identity

Is this how to write ancestry posts …… “From Shoemaker to Soldier”?

Enough of tin mines, enough of Cornwall and my mother’s “Waters” family history, time for my dad’s genealogy and the “Metters” family history! Time to delve into Devon and Durham, Cordwainers and Tailors ….. timeline ….. 1790 to 1947 ….. the year I was born (1947!). The Cordwainer’s Tale (1790-1861) A Cordwainer is/was a shoemaker, … Continue reading Is this how to write ancestry posts …… “From Shoemaker to Soldier”?

Ancestors forged in iron!

The only sounds now are the calls of the Jackdaws in the swaying rustling trees and the gurgling of the River Duddon just 50 metres away. Once, these woods reverberated to the pounding of hammers, the squeaks of wheelbarrows, the swish of a water wheel, and the roaring of an early Industrial Revolution iron blast … Continue reading Ancestors forged in iron!