Buddha and the duck!

From time to time we all come across a blog or a post from a fellow blogger that catches your eye or tickles your fancy! Here's one that's definitely tickled me from Dr John Persico Jnr about a conversation between Buddha and a duck! Our own followers know that we also write things like this … Continue reading Buddha and the duck!

A Year in Nepal: Chapter 4 There’s a One Eyed Yellow Idol ….

This is likely to be the final post in chapters released from our part written book, A Year In Nepal, in which we sought feedback to help us with the remaining chapters. Here's the fourth chapter, regarding Religion in Nepal: (You should start from previous chapters published so far here Our Book, A Year in … Continue reading A Year in Nepal: Chapter 4 There’s a One Eyed Yellow Idol ….

It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

Today is Buddha’s birthday, May 18th, or Baisakh full moon in Nepal’s calendar, together with the anniversary of his enlightenment and of his death. In Kathmandu almost every single person will be visiting temples, monasteries and shrines to celebrate. We have experienced such a day in Nepal as we walked to the top of the … Continue reading It’s Buddha’s birthday ……. 3 times over!

The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

“I don’t think I have ever sensed a national population so unhappy, so angry, so divided, so disturbed even, as how your country appears today” said Sid (Buddha to most other folks) “Yes Sid, but, with respect, your perception is not so enlightening because the unhappiness is so tangible everywhere, at work, in shops, on … Continue reading The Buddha walks into a bar and discusses “happiness” …….

Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………

"Hello Sid, you found us!" said Dr C as Buddha sat down beside them in the library. "Yes, it took a while since we used to meet in the wine bar and now you spend more time in the library, is this to be our usual meeting place?" "Sure Sid," I said, "we need to … Continue reading Buddha on ancestors, twitter ………