Challenge Your Camera #12 Elemental

Today, another guest theme from Marie at Hops Skips and Jumps, a challenge with some choices. Marie’s theme Elemental is based on the 4 classical elements from Ancient Greece in which it was believed that the universe was made up of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

So, make your choice, choose one element and post any number of photos, or decide on all elements and post one photo of each. Try to be creative with your camera, close up or distant, creative with the image the element alone or combined with other elements.

For my own images I have chosen Water. As a subject it has bugged me for years, in different ways. I live in a village with the River Thames passing through it, I have wandered all over the Himalaya with raging torrents everywhere, I grew up in England’s Lake District on the coast, and I have climbed frozen waterfalls in France and Switzerland. Always water around me, but I have never mastered the right combinations of aperture and shutter speed to get that milky effect of moving water using a digital camera. But, I enjoy instead trying to put water at the heart of dramatic or beautiful scenery. Here’s my efforts, what do you think?

Wastwater, Cumbria, the deepest lake in England. Taken from ground level for effect, trying to keep foreground and background in focus.
River Sereine flowing through the wine village of Chablis in Burgundy, France. Reflections in water are always good subjects especially if there is plenty of “interest” reflected in the whole scene.
A grey day in Bath, England, this is the River Avon at Pulteney Bridge with a combination of the clouds, stone buildings and racing water all together creating a dramatic effect. Reflections of the bridge too where the water is still.

My final two images are of the same place, the River Leach at Southrop, our neighbouring village in the Cotswolds. It’s the same scene in each case but one taken in landscape and the other in portrait format. One shows the height of the trees with plenty of water, the other shows less water, more trees and the wall of the bridge I was standing on. It shows how even just turning your camera or iPhone from one orientation to the other has an effect. Which of these two do you prefer or think is the better photo? I have my own preference and it’s the landscape image.

River Leach, Southrop, Cotswolds, England.
River Leach, Southrop, Cotswolds, England.

The Finale

This is the final theme for my weekly challenge of Challenge Your Camera. If you check my original challenge post you will see that it was a means to “brighten up” the beginning of a new year. Well, the beginning has now been and gone, along with 12 weekly challenge posts. Thanks to everyone who joined in, especially to those who commented on my own photography too. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏. I now intend to focus again on my own main interests of wine and philosophy, probably with fewer comments and interactions, but I have a small number of followers who share my passion for each, and their engagement keeps me sane in an insane world 😂😂😂.

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  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!

    I loved Bath, was there in 2017, long to return.

    ELEMENTAL: Challenge Your Camera # 12


  2. Thank you for all the challenges Dr B! You photos are always so beautiful and inspiring!

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  3. Fabulous theme and I love your photos 🙂 🙂

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  4. Final challenge! We must move on and you’ve led us gently out of uncertain times. Thanks to Marie I found your site, and thanks to your site I’ve found travel photography bloggers to follow.
    I have completed this week’s theme: and have had so much fun doing it. Looking back at memories is great, although looking forward is hard to beat for life-affirmation.
    I continue to enjoy my online studies (I’m now working on two) and your challenges have helped the transition from my being insular to engaging with a wider community.
    Fortunately I enjoy wine and philosophy, so I’ll still be an avid follower.
    Thank you Dr B. Marilyn, X


  5. Thank you for hosting us for all these weeks, Dr B. I am just sorry I didn’t join in till right at the end. But I am glad to have found you and some other BlogFriends through this Challenge.

    Here is my Water contribution:

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  6. I enjoyed the challenges even though I didn’t participate in all of them. Thank you for hosting.

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  7. That’s a stunning photo from Bath….
    Thank you for hosting the challenge – you prodded me well beyond my comfort zone – which is great!
    Here’s my selection…..

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  8. I grieve the end of your challenges — a significant reason to look forward to Monday. oh well, time to move on to other things. As for your water photos: The one of Bath is an amazing study in grey — who knew there were that many shades of grey? As for River Leach, I’m with you — the landscape one is by far the more dramatic. The stone wall gives the image so much more depth visually and emotionally.

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    • Thank you Margaret, kind words indeed 🙏. You are certainly a follower I will continue to follow and to read your posts with much interest. Though I intend to focus mostly on wine and philosophy there will still be the occasional photography post and travel of course …. whenever we are allowed!


  9. As usual, super photos that illustrate the theme perfectly. Sorry your challenges are over, but maybe it’s time for us all to do our own thing. In my case, write more than look through my archive of photos! Since retiring from professional writing I find it harder to motivate myself to write a blog. I need the incentive of a short deadline, but this is the reason I had to retire in the first place, my health made it difficult for me to get commissions in on time. But right now I am counting my blessings. I shall enjoy your wine and philosophy writings. Keep ’em coming.

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    • Thank you, I really appreciate you saying that. A blog can be a place of friendship and learning provided there are common interests to engage on. Lots of “likes” on a post are no match for a single well considered comment 🙏🙏


  10. Great idea and super photos

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  11. Thanks Marilyn, stay tuned! 🍷🍷🍷



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