Challenge Your Camera #11 (Revisited) Still Life

My challenge this week was for everyone to learn about and have a go at some still life photography. I showed a few examples of my own involving beans, carrots, cogs and …. a breakfast. Each involved me being in complete control of subject composition, lighting, background and camera angle. Nothing was moving, all were in my own home. Everything was carefully arranged to cut out unwanted “bits” of other elements such as a window, a door, a cupboard etc etc. And …. everything came from my archive collection, though I’ve moved on a bit since those examples were taken. So, I thought I’d have a go myself today to show how I built up to the final image which I show first:

Floral Wines!

So, above you see the finished article which went through about 5 stages to arrive at something that looks like an oil painting which I achieved using an app called Brushstroke. Next, here are the simple stages I went through:

First I created the “backgrounds” using some printed sheets I bought for this purpose with my first item placed. This is on a table with the back sheet stuck to a chair!
Next I added the second item I wanted for the theme, books. But they’re not quite straight so in the next image I straightened them and turned the other book the opposite way round so the spine could be seen.
This is the final image taken with my iPhone, books straightened and a few wine implements added for effect. That’s it, nearly, no clutter or extraneous items showing to distract from the composition.

Floral Wines!

And so the final image turned from a photograph into a painting. Sometimes the original photo looks better, but in this case I prefer the oil painting look. It’s all a matter of personal taste ….. just like wine.

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11 replies

  1. Looks complete with the books and other objects, love the background

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  2. Fantastic set up….I will have to see about joining in some time!


  3. Great setting 🙂 🙂

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  4. Wow!
    It has come great.
    Lovely finishing touch.
    You have brought out the artist in you .

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  5. I’ll enjoy this challenge!



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