Just One Person: #5 Oops!

I took this photo on a very wet morning in Cheltenham. In fact it was raining “cats and dogs” and there were very few people walking along The Parade, most were inside the posh stores or coffee shops. Walking towards me was a man with his little daughter sheltering under an umbrella, when suddenly the toddler ran out from the umbrella into the middle of the pedestrianised area and stood staring at this magnificent bronze statue. After a few seconds she turned to her dad and just pointed with one tiny finger. A lucky shot, ideal for colour splash too.

I was inspired to post this photo following a post by my blogging friend Cady who wrote Just One Person originally. Do take a peek at her blog, we have a good “challenge community” going.

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8 replies

  1. Oh this is a great photo 😀

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  2. Cute girl. Great composition. Gotta wonder about the statue, though.

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  3. Great capture and what a colour. No photo-alterations needed for photo splash here.

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  4. My what a couple! That child id adorable! I can just see her running to see this! Love the pink!

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