Flower Of The Day #8 Amaryllis

There’s really not much to say about this flower, the Amaryllis…… large bulb at the bottom, long thick stem, then an explosion of colour in a single flower at the top of the stem. A beautiful house plant in England but in different parts of the world probably grown outdoors.

The Amaryllis

Posted here as part of Cee’s FOTD Challenge

Categories: Photography

6 replies

  1. I managed to grow a white one in the garden a few years ago but I left it in the ground and the bulb rotted. I thought the fairies would be looked after it for me!


  2. Stunning photograph. Definitely not an outdoors plant here in Alberta. I have an heirloom one, in the sense that the bulbs I now have are descended from bulbs I got from my mother about 40 years ago. Still blooms in spite of me.



  1. Flower Of The Day #8 Amaryllis – Glyn Hnutu-healh: History, Alchemy, and Me

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