Just One Person #4 Rage!

There are very few things in my life that can send me into a fit of rage and fortunately nowadays it never happens, unless I reflect on the 10 years that Dr C and I ran a U.K. charity and NGO in Nepal. Today’s image has taken me back to those 10 years between 2007 and 2017.

This is a small boy in a state junior school in Kathmandu, look at the floor, the walls, the lack of furniture, the lack of resources. Then understand that this is a state school, a government school funded by taxes and incoming aid …… most of which never reaches a school. Is it any wonder that I felt rage at the incompetence and arrogance of the Ministry of Education who frankly couldn’t successfully organise a “piss up in a brewery” never mind the education of their nations children.

In that 10 year period our team trained 2000 teachers, developed the quality of education in 200 schools and worked with the parents of 12 Kathmandu communities. Our approach and methods were open to the Nepal government and international aid organisations, our staff offered to train ministry teacher trainers ……… they didn’t want to know!

I’ll shut up! But it still festers and I’ve already written enough about it on a previous manifestation of this blog, so if you’d be interested in a summary from a 2017 post read Nepal Children Denied Quality Education

I was inspired to post this photo following a post by my blogging friend Cady who wrote Just One Person originally. Do take a peek at her blog, we have a good “challenge community” going.

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  1. I thought I had commented on this already, but I don’t see it here! Hmmm…..What a horror for you ……all the work…. Were you working through a Napalese agency or through one in the UK? You know what I think? Part of the problem was……just my two cents…..you had too much education for them….they can only understand grass level stuff….do this first, then this, then this….and they don’t like to plan, have oversight, commitment, or responsibility…..Just want the money for them……Most of the folks in the US are going through tough times with most/some of the schools not in session…..its all about the money…The Teachers Unions want the schools re-placed with different ventilation systems and many more things…..less students….part time students, only grade school students, etc. They all have different wants……They say they all need to be vaccinated (teachers and students) before they will go back….They like getting their money to stay home and Zoom….now! The problem is all states make their own decisions on this…..AND Private schools have never shut down…… it all seems so detrimental to our students….. But, if they hold out, the Unions get more money (from our taxes) and they in turn will continue to support the Democratic party ……..an endless cycle….. Keep the poor folks poor and uneducated…… easier to control that way…..and dependent on the government for everything……We have been set back years educationally! I could go on and on..but I won’t, it raises my blood pressure!

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    • Thank you, I appreciate your taking the time to post that comment. Firstly, our current situations. It’s exactly the same here with teachers and teaching unions, want want want demand demand …. it’s endless. Money, stay at home, vaccine first yada yada! All socialists and voters for the Labour Party over here. But ….. they are getting sussed out by parents who are sick of them.
      Regarding Nepal, I’ll give you an answer but I’m not being defensive or disputing what you say. But we don’t know each other well enough to understand what happened. I am an organisation psychologist, I know how to transform organisation systems ….. banking systems, manufacturing systems, education systems ….. it’s what I did professionally for big bucks. We have detailed processes to design and then bring about the transformation that takes account of a strategic direction, control structures, people competencies, and commitment via culture change. (Sorry, gobbledygook!). We worked for no agency. First my wife and I set up a U.K. charitable foundation/agency in the U.K., all funded and regulated. We had a vision and mission that targeted developing change in Nepal’s primary education system. We spent two years in Nepal ourselves quietly researching the issues and problems. Then in England we talked to education experts and other organisation psychologists who had worked in the third world. We created a 5 year plan. Remember my wife is Nepali with a family having a lot of clout in Kathmandu. (The first woman doctorate from Nepal). We now built our own organisation in Nepal, The Nepal Education Leadership Foundation, recruited expert Nepali educators, and developed them via the U.K. experts. We then set about developing a series of Kathmandu schools to improve “the quality of education” in each school against some key indicators the government were concerned with. First year 5 schools, second year 20 schools, third year 40 schools, then 50 more and 50 more! The issue wasn’t with the schools and the teachers or the communities, it was the corrupt government. But that’s another part of the story. 😊🤕


  2. It is enraging, but rage does little to improve the situation in Nepal. My children raised money in the schoolyard in Australia with a simple competition. It was amazing how a little money went so far in a tiny village in the mountains of Nepal, which looks better equipped than this photograph. This was a few years back but we supplied a desk, chalk, pencils and schoolbooks for a year. It doesn’t cost much. Sadly the children miss out.

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    • Have a read of the link provided in the Rage post, here, https://buddhawalksintoawinebar.blog/2017/01/11/nepal-children-denied-quality-education-for-10-years-and-moe-in-denial/ I think anyone would be in a rage after what we experienced in 10 years working in Nepal. My wife is incandescent about the ignorant and arrogant attitude of the Ministry and government. She was the first woman from Nepal to gain a doctorate, having risen and survived from a time when little girls were not even allowed to go to school. We went beyond the provision of materials having analysed through two years of research into what was wrong with their primary education system. We created a centre for education leadership and change in Kathmandu, we had world leading experts on education and system change on tap to us. But, in the end we were drowning in politics, corruption and indifference. 10 years of it. I hope we can be forgiven a little rage. 🤞🙏🙏


  3. You don’t rage alone, my entire life seems to have been spent in a rage against governments who refuse to engage with education for the children in their care, and not only in third world countries. I see it in so-called developed nations where children are leaving school with the ability to read and write, without the ability to manage money, without a vocabulary that allows them to argue and so without the words to articulate their problems they tip into violence.
    Your Nepalese situation however, I know is much, much worse. One cannot be immune to such a terrible waste of a people and we can only hope that our continued agitation for better conditions in education, employment, equality, will eventually yield some improvement. Meantime, it behoves us all to keep watching and commenting.


    • Thank you. Your words are a blessing to what we went through. We left behind us a smug government for sure, but a trail of devastated children, teachers and parents who’d had a taste of better education. Our staff were devastated too, young women who in their early 20s saw a new vision of education and what it could do to transform lives. I’ll shut up, because my rage is rising again! But, we really appreciate your comment and taking the time to read our tale 🙏🙏🙏


  4. Oh that’s so sad, and yes, so enraging. To be working so hard yourself at driving improvements and to meet a such indifference (or worse) from the government!

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  5. It is enough to make anyone rage!



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