Which Way Challenge: #5 Cotswolds Water Park

My entry for the Which Way Photo Challenge this week is close to home again in the middle of the Cotswolds Water Park in England. The park has been created over the last 30 years or so as excavated gravel pits were landscaped and turned into recreational lakes with many opportunities for water sports and country walks.

Thames & Severn Canal, Cerney Wick, Cotswolds

I took this photo about a year ago, I was recovering from a prostate operation and my daughter arrived at the house and said “come on dad, I’m taking you out for a walk”! And so we drove a few miles into the park then set off along the old Thames and Severn Canal at Cerney Wick. Just what I needed!

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  1. Very attractive and I can imagine a walk there would be uplifting. Your daughter had the right idea.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this photo. Missed a walking tour in the Cotswolds last year due to ccp/covid…don’t know if it will be possible in the future — all depends on travel restrictions. How fortunate that you live in a wonderland. Warm wishes for your continued good health —

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  3. Is there a canal still there too? That is one thing on my bucket list that I always wanted to do, take a canal boat down one of the canals in the UK………That and take a train trip north to some obscure book shop I can’t even remember the name of now!

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    • No it’s disused now, but The Canal Trust are caring for it and related buildings. We have plenty of working canals. A good boat trip would be the River Thames which starts in our Cotswolds village and goes to London 😉


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