Just One Person #3 Steam Punk

Before we became besieged with pandemics, lockdowns and vaccines we had begun a tour of our own country …. England …… and in bite sized chunks. We concentrated on areas associated with history, especially those with plenty of English Heritage sites or places renowned for Industrial Archaeology. One such place we visited was the Black Country Living Museum at Dudley where amongst the working exhibits was a working forge with a massive steam hammer. Here’s the “man in charge” doesn’t he just look the part like someone out of a “steam punk” novel?

I was inspired to post this photo following a post by my blogging friend Cady who wrote Just One Person originally. Do take a peek at her blog, we have a good “challenge community going”.

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  1. This guy looks like the “REAL DEAL!” I really enjoy it when a docent makes the scene come alive because they are so into the part they play themselves and knowledgable about it!

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    • Docent? I just learned a new word ….. see, the power of engagement on blogging! But yes you are right, on that particular day there were many “characters” as guides in period costume. Most of them I captured in pairs so they don’t quite fit your theme of Just One Person. Also …. I learned something new about photo splash today too!


  2. He looks quite a character!

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  3. Great photograph and one could almost write a biography of the man from his image.

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  4. Love the guy’s expression.
    And perfect B&W composition.
    Love the capture.
    Thank youDr.B

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  5. Great image. You’ve captured the character behind man.
    Love the Black Country Living Museum. Visited in 2007 and were ‘legged through’ the Dudley Tunnel. Amazing. You’ve inspired my husband to play the video he took so I am watching while I type.
    Canals and steam railways have a special fascination and we are looking forward to our (once postponed) canal trip on the Brecon and Abergavenny later this year.

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