Which Way Challenge: #4 Pheriche to Everest

My experience of mountaineering in the Alps and the Himalaya could often be a continuous oscillation between absolute delight and abject misery! My delight was usually a function of clean, fresh air, the people one would meet, companions, the scenery, and of course the achievement. Misery however was often lurking just around the corner, temperatures below zero, oxygen deprivation at altitude, unhygienic eating and sleeping quarters which were a mixture of lodges and tents. And yet my memories of those years are all positive and easily triggered by a simple photo, a mountain, a village, a companion, a summit reached.

Pheriche village looking back towards Ama Dablam

Pheriche is a village in the Solu Khumbu region of Nepal en route to Everest Base Camp and for other peaks. It is located in a wide valley at 14,340ft and surrounded by a number of beautiful snow clad peaks notably Ama Dablam, Lobuche and Cholatse. It is part of my “delight” memory. I have stayed here many times, usually for two nights as part of acclimatisation before attempting to summit a particular peak. One of the main attractions is a medical centre which conducts “altitude medicine research” but which also has the facility to assess your blood oxygen level and heart rate, a bargain for 200NRs and an essential check on whether that pounding headache you’ve got is altitude sickness or merely dehydration!

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  1. I never knew about medical centre undertaking altitude research at this height. Interesting.
    Agree about the food and hygiene but just a glance at Mother Nature is sure to compensate.
    Thank you Dr.B

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