Just One Person #2 Thinker

The man in this photo is French, he’s sitting alone outside a wine bar in Beaune, France. It’s early morning, he’s finished his cup of coffee and is possibly wondering what to do next. He takes out a pouch of tobacco from his shirt pocket and places it in front of him on the table. After staring at it for a few moments, he rests his elbows on the table, lowers his head ….. then closes his eyes. He is thinking …… but about what?

Thinker, Beaune, Burgundy, France

I was inspired to post this photo following a post by my blogging friend Cady who wrote Just One Person ….. maybe it’s inspirational enough for a weekly challenge?

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  1. Actually, I thought he might be hung-over… 🙂

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  2. Excellent photo – the high contrast is so effective. I wonder if he’s trying to give up smoking and is torn between going ahead with his smoke or sticking to his resolution? Or could he have a hangover perhaps? Or both – maybe the hangover is driving him back to cigarettes after several days being able to resist?

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  3. I love this. Though is he thinking, bored, or simply exhausted?

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  4. Perhaps he has a hangover?

    Interesting photo; I like that very high-contrast treatment. It works well here, I think

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  5. A good portrait and excellent in monochrome.

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  6. Great words to accompany a good photo. I like your combination who have presented. Well done!

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  7. Lovely photo of a man who’s led a full life. Maybe a deep thought of his past, his ambitions, what he has achieved, or maybe ‘thank goodness this lockdown has ended’ 😀.
    Think it depends on where you are standing.

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  8. Dr B,
    Loved the emotions in the photograph. B&W and the graininess added to the atmosphere. Inspired to pen this monologue:

    Just one more drag to clear my head
    just one last fag; the one I dread
    that starts the fight I’ve left too long
    to break away from death’s slow song.

    Just roll one more; I’ll take my time,
    the watch may tick, but this time’s mine;
    smooth crisp paper, tease dark leaf
    bind together, deft as a thief.

    Roll one more – no – not so fast,
    just take it slow. This could be my last.

    Looking forward to Monday’s Challenge,

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  9. It looks like a “morning after the night before” pose combined with “oh, my aching head!” and a dash of “I’m not 20 anymore!”. Been there, done that!


  10. It’s certainly a picture to start one thinking and great stimulus for a short story!

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  11. Perfect capture about emotions and thoughts in a big city. I love the description making a beautiful story..he is tensed whether to say Yes to that beautiful woman who asked him out and should he believe in love after decades 🙂

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  12. He is thinking about his best friend who just died of lung cancer and is contemplating quitting smoking but nit sure he can do it. A story there for sure.

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  13. Perfect capture for that perfect mood.
    Thank you Dr.B

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  14. “I should really give up smoking”

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  15. Something is deeply troubling to this man, don’t you think? Great photo!

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  16. Great photo.

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