Which Way Challenge #3 Ancient right of way

For the last couple of weeks my entry into the Which Way Photo Challenge has been in the mountains of Nepal Solu Khumbu and in the snow of the French Alps. This week however my entry is rather more sedate and closer to home, it’s one of my favourite walks here in the Cotswolds, out the front door, turn left, then left again in about 50 metres and ……. bingo, I’m into a nature reserve and miles and miles of fields. Many are full of crops but are criss crossed with ancient rights of way but protected by Public Footpath Laws. Thankfully most farmers here leave swathes of their fields unplanted so as to protect our rights of way. Here’s one of my favourite sections crossing a wheat field last year, look closely to the left of the copse in the distance and you will see the footpath continuing.

Which Way Photo Challenge

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  1. Love the perfect colour combination Dr.B.
    The foreground colour with greenery in the middle and blue sky above the horizon…wow… a visual treat!
    Thank you Dr.B

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  2. Green! I’d forgotten what that colour looks like! I’m envious on another account, though. We don’t have Public Footpath Laws, so no walking through farmers’ fields. Mind you, these past few days (we’re experiencing -30 temperatures) we don’t go walking anywhere! But thank you for posting the photo reminding us that summer will return.

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    • Not much green here at present, we have been at -8 temperature for a while with some parts of England at -16. I once slept in a tent at -20 in the Himalayas, not much fun! Our footpath laws are great, but some farmers allow paths to be overgrown which is a nuisance, so ……. we just walk right through their crops, as is our right.

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  3. I could seriously use some nature!

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