Flower of The Day Challenge #4 Poppies

I just love poppies, the wild ones especially that grow amongst the wheat and barley fields surrounding our home in the English Cotswolds. I have two reasons for this ….. first their striking colour against any other natural background, and second their connotation regarding those who gave their lives in two world wars for our freedoms ….. today.

I have two images today as part of Cee’s Photo Challenge, one a simple image in a wheat field, the other using a technique called ColourSplash where you can isolate a single colour, in this case red, and leave the rest in monochrome. I hope you like them.

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  1. There is something about poppies. My grandmother grew them in her garden. Love them.

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  2. Your poppies are so beautiful 😀

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  3. Love the poppies against the b. & w. background. Makes then sing.

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  4. I also love to take photos of poppies. They are very delicate.

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  5. These are great images ..I’ll have to get that colour splash ..what app is it

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    • There’s Color Splash, (note spelling) and Photo Splash both specifically for that effect. I use a bigger app called MOLDIV, lots of functions, splash is in the Edit Function, Filters, then you find green, red and blue splash effects which removes all colour except red, or blue or green. It’s really great fun. Maybe if a few people get an app I can have some weeks for a different colour splash 😂👍



  1. Challenge Your Camera #6 Colour Splash – Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar ….

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