Challenge Your Camera: #5 Steps ‘n Stairs

My #challengeyourcamera theme this week is a guest theme supplied by Cady of That Travel Lady In Her Shoes, and it’s Steps & Stairs. I asked Cady to suggest a theme as I had been very impressed with the quality of her photography and selection of images for my weekly challenge. I encourage you all to visit her blog and take a peek as well as comment or following her as a means of building our photography community. Next month I’ll choose another follower for a guest theme and post:
So, following Cady’s lead this week here are my own personal offerings, all taken from my archives of travels around the world:

The amphitheatre at Ostia Antica, Rome’s ancient port.
The winding staircase in an old Victorian railway hotel in Sheffield
Escalator in The Brunel Centre, Swindon

Classical small temple in the UNESCO Heritage city of Bhaktapur in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Roll of Honour #4 Churches

Each week I am selecting a single theme to point my camera at or display a few photos from my collection as a way to brighten up the week as we enter a new year which we all hope will be brighter than the last. If you would like to join me in #challengeyourcamera then here’s what to do:

1.Follow me to discover the weekly theme I have chosen.
2.Select a few photos related to the week’s theme
3.Post your own photos that week, any day you like.
4.Include a caption with each photo so we know what/where it is
5.Include a link to my blog in your post so that I am notified and can follow you back
6.Add a pingback/link to YOUR post in the comment section of MY post on that weeks theme.
7.Include the tag #challengeyourcamera

1.I will follow you back
2.I will encourage other posters to follow you
3.I will list each blogger in my weekly post in arrears

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25 replies

  1. Just joining the challenge so this is a nice theme to start with! This is my first offering…..

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  2. I’ve just posted my photos in your new challenge at Thank you for making me work at sorting out my archives!

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  3. Lovely clicks and point of view.
    Thanks, Dr, B for the initiative.

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  4. Thanks Dr B for including me in your roll of honour..I was surprised by the steps and stairs, I thought you were going for alphabetical 😁

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  5. Wow, I don’t know if I could handle all those steps at at the Victorian Hotel! Thank you for choosing me this week to pick the theme! I hope this week’s post will live up to the expectations! Here it is!
    I look forward to this challenge every week!

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  6. Good selection and now I’m off to rummage in my archives!

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  7. Would you like to suggest something as a topic for Steps 2 & 3?



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