Which Way Challenge: #1 Mani walls in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is one of those rare chances to “get off the beaten track”, though at times your route or direction can be a little mystifying to say the least, especially if you don’t speak any Nepali! Bato xxx cha? is an essential phrase to know, just insert the name of the place you need in place of xxx and you will be rewarded. Sometimes however there are customs that should be followed along your way, especially those associated with Buddhist traditions, such as keeping to the left of mani walls containing prayers and carved iconic images as in my image below for the Which Way Photo Challenge..

Buddhist Mani Wall, Solu Khumbu region, Nepal.

Do visit the Alive and Trekking blog to take part in this interesting photo challenge

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  1. Sorry I missed this challenge. Quite mesmerizing. Admittedly, I’m new to the blogging challenge world so might find “weekly” participation a bit daunting but will enjoy your photos all the same. Thank you too for the follow. Warm wishes —

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  2. Great shots! Thank you for sharing and welcome to the challenge!

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  3. Yes. I am lucky, my wife of 50 years is Nepali but laughs at my language skill she calls a crude mountain Nepali 😂.


  4. It must’ve been such a wonderful adventure to trek Nepal. Not knowing the language can definitely be a challenge.

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