Where is your favourite place to drink wine?

Having just spent a few months writing my new book “It’s Not About The Wine” on reflection I was never short of material in writing this 50 year memoir of being a wino! In fact it got harder and harder to know what to leave out because 50 years is a very, very long time! Remember it’s been 50 years of 100+ grapes, holidays all over the world, hundreds of vineyards visited and probably thousands of places in which wine was enjoyed.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid, Spain.

It became impossible to decide on where had been our favourite places to while away the time with a glass of wine, so many brasseries, so many restaurants, tabacs in France, tapas bars in Spain, pizzeria in Italy, seafood restaurants in San Francisco, steak houses in Denver. Then so many places outdoors cruising the Mediterranean or just sitting in a historic square or playa like the one in the image above. These are the places that bring out history, culture, philosophy …. all with a glass of wine.

So, these places didn’t get a chapter in my book and therefore in the coming weeks I’ll start to share a few of them as short posts here on my blog. Where have been YOUR favourite places to sip a,glass or two, please do share either here or via a post of your own and I’d be very pleased to share and reblog.

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  1. my favorite place to drink wine? at home. 🙂

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  2. Where’s my favourite place? After giving this some thought, I’ve decided it’s not a place but rather whom I’m with. Anywhere with good friends or family sharing stories, banter, friendly debate and lots of laughter — that’s my favourite place to drink wine. The rest is mere window dressing.

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  3. The Amalfi coast in Italy, I’ve been to some wineries on the top of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean and there’s a wonderful bar in Ravello with a terrace and spectacular views.

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  4. Have you visited Niagara? It’s my favourite place. That and Italy of course. Cheers 🍷

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    • Hi, I’ve been to Niagara Falls on the US side 4 years ago on a 3 weeks cross US rail trip. It rained all day, spent some time in a Hard Rock Cafe and an Indian restaurant then on the train to New York! Falls were spectacular but it was really a miserable day. Thanks for following my blog, I’ve followed you too and look forward to reading your wine posts. Are you Italian and do you follow the blog Vinthropology? Danell is a sommelier in Italy and collaborated with me on my upcoming wine book. She’s worth a follow 👍🍷

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  5. We have sampled a few 😊🍷 but probably looking over the Harbour at Collioure with Cassis a close second – looking forward to your book 📚

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  6. Streets of Porto and Lisbioa 😄🍷

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  7. There are so many but I fondly recall sipping on a glass of wine and enjoying the best bucket of clams ever at Thetis Island Marina on the west coast of BC, Canada overlooking the Georgia Strait. Such happy times. https://thetisisland.com/

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  8. I’ll have to put my thinking cap on and get back to you.

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