How wine inspired our blogs

There are times when we all move away from, suspend or completely abandon our blog. It’s happened to all of us whether through personal reasons, writers block or a lack of engagement from followers. I’ve written about this before with the latter reason being the cause when I abandoned for about 6 months. Lately however I have merely suspended blogging activity for a while because I had completely immersed myself in writing two books. The first of these, An Englishman In Nepal, was published in August and you can view the Amazon page by clicking the title link or image in the sidebar to this blog. The second book, It’s Not About The Wine, will be published on November 30th and you can also view the Amazon page from the title link or the sidebar image. I was helped considerably in creating the wine book by Danell Nelson, my sommelier blogging friend in Italy who blogs at Vinthropology and is also restarting the posting of her fantastic wine related art. Danell has also gone through a personal “suspension” phase and will shortly be writing about her art and Wine Club activity again. Her new post is featured below, Blank Canvas, so do take a peek and admire her previous artwork and wine posts ……..


There it is, right in front of you: pristine and untouched. You have an idea in your head of what you’re going to do on this canvas, and it’s still perfect, but you know the second you make that first brushstroke or pen mark- it’s tainted. You irrevocably enter into the struggle of matching your idea with what’s happening on that canvas, and the further you go, the more what’s happening on that canvas starts to exist in its own right. Your perfect idea is no longer immaculate, it now has to contend with reality for better or for worse. It’s an incredible risk, a terrible feeling, and there’s no way out of it.

I took a break from blogging because, well, life got in the way. But I would be lying to myself if that was the only thing that got in the way. Besides not having enough time…

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  1. Julia, I can’t find your book?


  2. Hi Dr B, Congratulations on publishing not one, but TWO books! I tried puchasing It’s Not About The Wine! for Kindle on Amazon but wasn’t able to do so because I live in the US. I’m very interested in reading and reviewing it if there is another option. I’m a fellow blogger (you commented on my post, What Three Things Do You Value Most?), and also writing a Boozy Lifestyle book. Regards, Julia (

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    • Thank you so much for those kind words 🙏. I know it’s available on in the US as I’ve just tried it instead of Amazon in the U.K. Try this for a kindle version and tell me if it works’s+not+about+the+wine&qid=1613143646&sr=8-2

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      • Thank you for the link. It worked like a charm and I have your book on my Kindle now, ready for reading.

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        • Thank you, maybe I should add US addresses etc whenever I post about my books. I never thought it would be a problem and you would just be redirected to your national site. As a piece of information I didn’t write either book for financial gain, it was a real Labour of love during the awful months of 2020. I know I could do a better job of my first book if I rewrote it, but I made lots of structural mistakes that I learned from. My wine book is different from the norm to say the least. It’s experiential and is meant to encourage all non trained wine drinkers to have confidence and courage, to get out there and explore wine with history, philosophy, art, and travel whether local or global. Where do you live in the US, I wonder if we’ve ever visited?


        • WordPress acting bizarrely again, I went to your blog to read up on your About page ….. couldn’t find one and it told me I couldn’t comment because I wasn’t following you!!! So, I’ve followed you again which probably means I’ve been counted twice 😂😂

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  3. Thanks for sharing my post! It’s comforting to know that everyone goes through ups and downs when writing. Why not a biography?!

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  4. Congratulations on your second book

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