Where were YOU on VE anniversary day?

My mum would have been 100 this year, though she made 92 and saved our country. My dad only made 62 but he saved the country too. My mum was only 19 when she signed on for the duration of WW2 in the ATS. My dad was 3 years older in 1939 and had already been in the Coldstream Guards, 1st Battalion, for 3 years when he was part of the British Expeditionary force defending Dunkirk. He survived…… before you ask!

I spent the day thinking of both of them, even though I’m now 73 years old myself. I am exceptionally proud of both of them, and honoured to be their son. The BBC have called them The Greatest Generation Ever, and who the hell are we to argue? And yet …..  their current reporters such as Marr, Kuensberg et al, put out a mixture of fake, biased, and opinionated but rarely factual or investigative reporting.

I am a child of this Best Generation Ever, a Baby Boomer who since 2016 has been branded universally as a racist, white supremacist, and fascist by many INCLUDING by some politicians. If my dad heard you say that you’d get a bayonet up your arse!

Anyway, on VE Anniversary Day we had a grand time with all of our Baby Boomer neighbours in our little close, social distancing duly observed as we listened to Winston Churchill at 3pm, had afternoon tea in the street at 4pm, then dressed down for dinner (and wine of course) at 6pm, followed by a singalong with Vera Lynn at 9pm as the sun set over the white cliffs of the Cotswolds. So, here’s a tribute to all those who served our country then and now to protect our freedom, and to all of our neighbours who made it a great day👏👏🇬🇧🇬🇧

The PM!

Captain Keith arrives

The Major watches all!

Time for Tea!


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  1. How lovely the whole neighbourhood celebrated at a reasonable distance. Well done!

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  2. Thank you for this post Brian. Very interesting and I loved the personal narrative.
    The pictures are wonderful.

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  3. What a lovely idea! We spent VE Day working. It wasn’t our intention, but…….

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