These people are very, very SICK!

At a time when we are all trying to be positive minded, community spirited, mutually supportive during this global virus, there have been examples of scams and fraud taking place, as well as people actually spitting at police officers. Rarely is anyone named, caught, or prosecuted.

Late yesterday however I came across a post on the Order-Order website by Guido Fawkes who had discovered a pile of tweets and Facebook posts related to the fact that our Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is now in intensive care with the Coronavirus. Most of the day well wishers from around the world, politicians and media people of all political stripes had posted or written their tributes and best wishes. But …… not a number of left wing evil nut jobs from here and the USA!
The image is a selection from twitter accounts shown on Guido’s website and you can see them better by clicking the image to expand it, but here is a selection:

“Sorry, he completely deserves this and he is one of the worst prime ministers we have ever had” Sheila Oakes, Labour Mayor and Derbyshire councillor.

”You have to have a heart of stone not to smile just a little bit” Riz Mokal , UCL Professor.

”I don’t like Boris Johnson but I think we can all agree that him being sick is funny” Ken Klippenstein” US journalist, The Nations DC correspondent.

”Bad things like Coronavirus happening to bad people like Boris Johnson is very good and funny actually “ Steven, Labour Party member, Exeter Socialist Students.

”The c*nt deserves every blunt needle he gets” Siobhan Thompson, writer on Rick & Morty.

Do you know any of these people? Are you in Derbyshire or the US or at UCL or Exeter University. These people need outing and shaming directly or via posts like this to show just what anti community and basic human decency inhabits their minds! Do it!

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  1. i’m for not attacking or closing the media. just not in favor of giving those their 15 min of fame. for i feel they are just doing it because they can and they will get attention. they can say it but does it really have to be shared by the media? but i guess then it wouldnt be balanced reporting. then reporting it and saying who it is will hopefully show those who know them, just really who they are. sigh

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  2. in a sick time, it seems to bring out those who are sickest.
    some of the news reports here in the usa have reported some of the same things about sick people doing sick things and saying sick stuff. now if we can just stop the news from reporting such things and giving these people their time in the limelight….

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