A Morning Walk With A Barn Owl


Early mornings have become prime time for our daily walk together as we ensure social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic. At 7.00am there’s usually not another soul in sight and we have been very lucky in recent days with little or no cloud and reasonable temperatures. I do a couple of miles around the footpaths of local fields and Dr C does half of that, stopping to do her Tai Chi in the middle of a field as she waits for my return.

Yesterday we were extra lucky, for added to the usual sounds of Blackbirds and the sights of Rabbits and Pheasants, we suddenly spotted a Barn Owl sitting on a fence post about 50 metres away. Of course as soon as I could lift the camera he was off, hugging the hedges in flight away from us. But we saw him again across the far side of the field, hedge height and clearly hunting for food. He dived twice as we watched and stayed down in the grass for a minute or so, he’d obviously caught his breakfast, or is that supper to an owl in the morning? Sadly we didn’t see him today, maybe tomorrow! (Images from Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “A Morning Walk With A Barn Owl

      1. Well, we can still eat together and watch TV together etc. so nothing much has changed. It’s just that only one person can be out at a time and only to walk the dog or go to the grocery store or pharmacy. It’s working so far as no one in our community has contracted the virus. We can go for walks together when this is all over. Stay safe.

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