Prize Day at a small school in Nepal

You may have read our two most recent posts about this small school, Motibinayak School in Kathmandu, Tiffin Day and No Technology  so to follow,this is the last in this series until next year. Prize Day is a very special occasion in any school and here it is for Motibinayak. Our ongoing support to this school involves the financing of this day and specifically a cash sum of money to Parent of the Year. Here’s a few photos to give you a flavour:

Parent of the year, Mrs Bimala Basnet, centre, receives her prize from the Head Teacher, Laxmi Karki

Parent of the year with her two children and Head Teacher

Pupil of the Year

Traditional dance from Motibinayak pupils, always a feature of such occasions.

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  1. An interesting glimpse into Nepalese education. Very commendable that you have continued your support since leaving the country.

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  2. I’m sure this is the blue-ribboned event in the school calendar.

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  3. Oh bless! When I was still living in Dubai, I made a plan to go to Rishikesh in India to study yoga and go to Nepal afterwards. Still considering that plan someday to happen. Stay safe!

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  1. Prize Day at a small school in Nepal — Buddha Walks Into A Wine Bar …. – Truth Troubles

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