Floods on Friday

We live in a small English village in the Cotswolds, and we have the River Thames running alongside. We are only about 10 miles or so away from the source of the Thames and when it rains heavily it takes about two days for the river to swell from the upriver water to reach us. Here’s a couple of views today in the fields and meadows virtually submerged. But nobody suffers, because those clever folks in medieval times, when our village was first created, knew NOT to build anything on the flood plain!

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  1. There’s a reason it’s called a FLOODplain! Here in Alberta, the government is starting to put some restrictions on where new subdivisions can be built, but oh the howling from developers and potential home-buyers who think only of a) the view and b) ready access to water.

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  2. People in the U.S. are rather dense about such matters. I remember being rather disgusted with the rebuilding of the portions of New Orleans that lie below sea level. Taxpayers should be outraged. The excuse from someone in the sewer department I heard speak was that people were sentimental about their homes. Sentiment trumps logic and good sense?!!

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  3. Useful advice. Don’t buy a property in somewhere called “Watery Meadows”. Fish lake might also have two clues in the name……

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  4. If only everyone was as smart as those from the middle ages!

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  5. Goes to show that on some things, we modern humans aren’t as wise as we think we are. 🙂

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  6. As always Dr B your post was fascinating but a little shorter than usual (I’d just settled down for a long read) but as they say quality is better than quantity..
    My own new blog is getting a tad bit “political” unfortunately, not something recomend in Malta (Daphne Galizia Caruana) so mums the word best wishes from the crazy brit no know as the artist http://www.britishbuddhablog.com

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  7. Thankfully, they were very clever. Glad you are all OK.


  8. How fortunate! It’s amazing how many new developments are subject to flooding.


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