A Grumpy Gammon’s Wishlist 2020

Another list from a patriotic grumpy old man who doesn’t wish anyone any harm, but who wants a little “payback” for the misery caused by certain people and institutions across last year. I have made sure my overall list is “balanced”!

In 2020 I want: Payback:
  1. For everyone who said they would leave the U.K. if Brexit was implemented to just bugger off …. asap or better still ….. leave now!
  2. For the Labour Party to elect another Marxist as their leader which should keep them out for a long time and the British people very happy.
  3. To receive public apologies, to all 17.4 million of us who were called racist, fascist, white supremacist, by politicians, ex politicians, so called celebrities, the media, and academics. eg Vince Cable, Gary Lineker, Bob Geldof, AC Grayling, because we voted to leave the EU
  4. For Twitter and Facebook to be closed down as a part solution to eradicating hate, bullying, paedophilia.
  5. For Greta Thunberg to travel to and protest in China. That should fix everything!
  6. The family who have just moved in to the end of our street who have decided to park cars, a trailer, a tractor, 4 horses and a pile of other garbage on the protected ancient burial chamber land ……. to respect it as legally required.
  7. For the ban on hunting in the U.K. to be overturned. It had nothing to do with animal welfare and was an insidious class war act.
  8. The BBC license tax to be abolished ending criminalisation of so many who can’t pay ………..amongst other things!
  9. The House of Lords to be reformed, physically and procedurally.

Personal Stuff:
  1. To extend my meditation practice to invoke Medicine Buddha
  2. Better health for Dr C and myself
  3. To visit old friends in Cumbria, both animate and inanimate 
  4. To have a family holiday in the South of France visiting the medieval wine festival at Châteauneuf-du-Pape, reliving old memories, remembering those no longer with us who joined us previously, enjoying French culture …. and the wine!
  5. To learn the fundamentals of still life photography 
  6. To drink 25% of the European wine in my collection, replacing it with wine from England, Australia, New Zealand and Chile
  7. Become increasingly more “mindful” day to day, less multi tasking and less flitting about.
  8. Keep a daily diary using the Day One app.

There, that’s it, I’ve said my final (hopefully) piece about Brexit and all of those who tried to undermine a majority. I’m not going to write anything like that again …… unless Mr Blair and company start slagging us off, or the EU behave nastily towards us when I shall stick up for my country. Pessimism is the father of Divisiveness, so let’s be optimistic and supportive of what our government is trying to achieve. I’ll write more on this in a few days.

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  1. That’s quite a list and I think no. 6 would make me as angry as all the others, we can’t choose our neighbours any more than we can make the country run the way we want. I don’t condone animal cruelty, but why is killing a fox any worse than eating meat or killing a mouse in your house – or aborting babies!

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