Class War Update: Perpetuating Politicians!

Politicians Perpetuating a New Class War, a follow up to yesterday’s repost from a year ago.
I’ve finally given up on the BBC and turned to LBC (Leading Britain’s Conversation) on the radio. Great unbiased reporting and interviews as well as phone-ins where all views are respectfully listened to and challenged. Listening a couple of days ago, there was a great phone in where the question was about who should be the next leader of the Labour Party. The background is that following the recent UK general election nothing could demonstrate the major difference between the two major parties than their approach to “moving forward”.

The Labour Party are currently seeking a new leader to replace Jeremy Corbyn because he is being blamed for the party’s obliteration. In addition there are views within the party that they have lost their “connection” with working class voters. Now, this is where I add an opinion of my own.
Firstly, all of the candidates putting themselves forward are falling over themselves to highlight their own working class backgrounds, and this includes Sir Kier Starmer, and Emily Thornberry who has been a practicing barrister and is married to a high court judge! Several of these claims are quite tenuous and make the mistake of associating class alongside ethnicity as something you are born with and cannot “erase”. For example I am English and my wife is of Nepalese origin. We were both born into working class/poor families, BUT, to describe us now as working class is ludicrous. Both highly educated, professional careers as a scientist and as a psychologist, independently wealthy by the time we were 55 years old, and all achieved because we were aspirational. THIS is where the leadership candidates are falling down, the working class people they describe no longer exist; miners, steelworkers, cotton mill workers, tanners, navvies, dockers, all subsisting hand to mouth on a daily basis as my own parents did. People who live and work in the North of England might work for a living, but they are a million miles away from the workers of 50 years ago. But even if they weren’t, when did Starmer or Thornberry for example ever go down a pit, cut up bloody cow hides in a tannery, sweat buckets beside a blast furnace? The answer is NEVER.
On the other hand, the leader of the Conservative party is definitely NOT working class having attended Eton School and being relatively wealthy. Likewise the strategy of the party isn’t focusing on “helping working class people”; it is aimed at getting Brexit done, restoring democracy throughout the land, overhauling out of touch institutions and ….. investing heavily in the infrastructure of the North of England to redress the imbalance with the South. They see the people of the North of England as equals, not of a different class. It’s their environment that needs development; roads, railways, hospital facilities, schools …….. these are the things under developed compared to London and the South of England. 

And so the Labour Party have got their heads stuck up their backsides, they are seeing today through a lens of yesterday, a yesterday that no longer exists. And neither does any Marxist utopia exist that the inner machinery of the Labour Party are trying to disguise and push down our throats. What they still haven’t realised is that the people of the North of England have seen through them and will NEVER vote for a party or politicians whose only vision for a future Britain is for us to be modelled on a Marxist Venezuela!

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