We dodged a bullet!

To many of our followers who don’t live in the U.K. you might be wondering what all the fuss is about regarding our recent general election. In essence the people of the U.K. have just “dodged the bullet” of waking up to find themselves living in a Marxist country! Here’s what the Labour Party offered us led by Jeremy Corbyn:

Labour Party Policy:
  • Extreme left Marxism
  • State control of almost everything
  • Ignoring a democratic vote to leave the EU
  • Policy of closing private schools and OFSTED, the education standards watchdog 
  • Budgetary policy with spending that would have bankrupted us within 12 months
  • Riddled with anti semitism
Labour Party Leadership Credentials:
  • Party leader with sympathetic behaviour towards terrorist groups such as Hamas and the IRA
  • Party leader refusing to condemn Russia following the use of bio weapon in Salisbury on U.K. soil
  • Three times refusing to sanction a General Election to overcome the blockage in the U.K. parliament
  • A sneering attitude of senior officials towards working class people outside the “London Bubble”
  • A “Front Bench” team of dubious intellectual capacity and fitness for their political roles

To summarise, the British people don’t want to live in a Marxist country with our votes ignored, an education system and media controlled to indoctrinate us, and politicians who look down on us. So what did the Conservatives, led by Boris Johnson, offer us:
Conservative Party Policy:
  • Respecting the vote of a democratic referendum in 2016 to leave the European Union 
  • A National Budget proposed with fiscal responsibility
  • Listening to the electorate via focus groups nationally
  • A strong focus on the NHS, crime/policing, education, infrastructure, and leaving the EU
Conservative Leadership Credentials:
  • A patriotic prime minister
  • A leader with a clear vision for the country
  • In touch with the voting public

And so, just as in 2016, the people of the U.K. have voted again to live in a free, democratic, achievement oriented country. One in which a Prime Minister and government speak for US, reinvigorating our pride in our country, its history and its culture, and to turn back the tide of the sneering elites of the entertainment world, the sports world, the media world and of ex politicians like Blair and  Cable. And finally a two fingered farewell to those recent ex-politicians …… Grieve, Hammond, Letwin, Soubrey, Wollaston, Gauke, who not only poisoned our parliament but almost, almost, succeeded in poisoning our whole nation!

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