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I woke up at 3am on the morning of Friday 13th December; was this another trip to the toilet driven by my lack of a prostate after surgery in October or was it driven by a subconscious fear of finding my family now living in a Marxist anti-Semitic dystopia? I trudged to the living room, switched on the TV and ……. deep joy, found that this was really the country I love, the country I hoped it would be. The nasty undemocratic evil left wing parties were being annihilated in the U.K. General Election, the British people had rebelled against their lies, insults, fake news, superiority, wokeness, political correctness, and the running down of our nation for Empire crimes, slavery, and everything else going back to the disappearance of the dinosaurs! 

Since the Referendum in 2016, where the U.K. voted to leave the EU, there has been a nasty smear campaign that branded Leave voters as fascist, white supremacist, homophobic, misogynistic racists, all magnified by a mainstream media infiltrated by left wing bullies and a parliament that just wouldn’t accept that we voted to LEAVE the EU and that their job was to implement it! The central argument they applied was “They Didn’t Know What They Were Voting For”. Well on Thursday 12 December we definitely knew what we were voting for, from Workington to Woking and Northumberland to Newquay the ordinary people of the U.K. voted to put in place a prime minister who loves this country, to obliterate the Marxist Labour Party, to discard an undemocratic Liberal Party, to overthrow the parliamentary rebel MPs who blocked leaving the EU in parliament and …… most deliciously of all, we stuck two fingers up to the self styled celebrity elites, Bob Geldof, Gary Lineker, AC Grayling, Hugh Grant, Tony Blair, Gina Miller, and many many others.
We spent almost the whole day switching between mainstream media channels, Al Beeb, Sly News, Ch4, ITV just to watch the absolute horror on the faces on “journalists” and lefties who just couldn’t take it all in. The ordinary working people of the U.K. have spoken, again, now suck it up and sod off! 
But there is still danger, by far the most significant figure of this election is that over 11 million people voted for an unrepentant, anti-Semitic, terrorist-supporting economic fantasist, Jeremy Corbyn. In fact, true to form, on Friday night there were riots in central London from many of these people who just don’t understand the meaning of “democracy”. Naturally it went unreported on the BBC.

So, let’s end with a wonderful quote from Janet Daley writing in the latest edition of the Sunday Telegraph, which sums up the feelings of the majority of decent, hard working British people:

“I have written many times, in what must by now seem a tiresome refrain, about my shock and disgust at the shameless loathing which has been poured over the ordinary people of this country by those whose privileged existence leaves them utterly ignorant (one of their own favourite epithets, as it happens) of what life is like for those without their advantages. First they tried instilling fear and, when the great mass of Leave voters did not flinch, they insulted and bullied them, and brazenly wished them dead. As snobbery mutated into what sounded like eugenics, something snapped in the electorate’s consciousness. Well, the people have got their revenge. They have humiliated their tormentors and, as many times before in their history, refused to buckle.

And a similar one from ex communist journalist, Julie Birchill:

And, of course, Twitter was soon lousy with Lefties saying that the public shouldn’t be allowed to vote – the same people who were saying they were voting for the “poor and forgotten” people a few hours before. But that was always going to be the reaction of spoilt bourgeois brats terrified by a proletariat who refused to be branded and corralled like dumb beasts. Their tears were delicious.

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  1. if the politicians had got on with it, instead of trying to preserve their hopes of a cushy Euro-post to retire to, rent-a-mob wouldn’t have had so long to stir things up.

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  2. And the next things we hear from the two senior Marxists (you know them, the ones with their shoes on the correct foot), is that they believe their manifesto was right, their policies sound, and they lost because it became all about Brexit. This argument, based in extreme self delusion, might have explained a surge in the Tory vote (it was modest) but does not explain the utter collapse of the Labour vote. This landslide was rooted not in victory by the winners but in defeat by the losers. No centre ground voter would have moved that far left, and even former diehard lefties would not be fooled by a policy of buying all the sweet shops in order to give everyone free sweets. The country has for the second time given its message more than loud and clear and I am proud of my country and its people. And by “my country”, I mean England, because it’s the English vote which has seen decency, wisdom and pride prevail. And the loony left, which had us all briefly fearful, have been banished into their 1970s bunkers for a good ten years. All hail Boris.


    • Thanks you two! A very passionate and one I agree with entirely. Fearful is the right word, we had been mulling over leaving the country if we woke up to a Marxist government! You are right about England too, but don’t get me going on that one as I’ll probably be banned from WordPress. 👍🙏🙏🙏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


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