Traitors Britain!

I’ve saved this post for a couple of weeks, waiting to publish it when the Marxist plot to destabilise our country was more easily seen. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly!

This is NOTHING to do with Brexit, it’s to do with a British political party that is so left wing and evil, supported by a number of “useful idiots” from other political parties. I wrote about the Leninist stages of a communist takeover a little while ago and suffered a number of insulting and inflammatory comments I ignored, deleted, then blocked the senders. But I defy any of them now to defend what I am going to refer you to.

The title of this post isn’t mine, it comes from a website called Traitors Chart. It is the conclusion of 18 months detailed research into the hidden connections and relationship building of the British Labour Party. We already know about their connections to Hamas, the terrorist group, the IRA, also a terrorist group, the Venezuelan government. And EVERYBODY knows about the anti semitism cancer their membership and MPs is riddled with. But now, this group of researchers from academic, military and intelligence backgrounds have laid bare the Marxist plot buried beneath a facade of socialism.

Here is the first chart of many on their website, it shows the main connections and relationships the Labour Party have with communist/revolutionary organisations and regimes around the world.

It’s not easy to see the detail in all of the connections, but some of them are “horrific”. To see an easily expanded image click on the link Traitors Chart 

There are versions with and without Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party but there is hardly any difference between them indicating the depth of this via Abbott, McDonnell and Watson. Here’s another chart showing the infiltration of the entire education system too.

Unsurprisingly no attempts to report on this in ANY mainstream media, it’s buried …….. even from scrutiny of its veracity! So, I am doing my bit to publicise it, make your own mind up. However remember personal insults and attacks here will only demonstrate your closed minds on something worth investigating and reflecting on, especially since the earlier post on the stages of State Capture has almost come to fruition, but to what ends?




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    • I think that’s a fair enough comment, but for the moment I’m assuming the worst. So, if you have the inclination put their website on your own social media and let folks make up their own minds. Thanks for commenting 🙏🙏


  1. I did not honestly believe that the governments of free nations could become so evil. You analysis is right on.

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  2. Interesting to see what’s happening in other countries from those who live there.

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