The hypocrisy, oh the irony of it ….

Oh the hypocrisy, the delicious irony! The headlines said that tens of thousands protest, but it really should have said that tens of MILLIONS didn’t protest. What a dangerous joke these ignorant ill informed Marxist journalist left wing trash are!

It’s 3 years and 3 months ago that I travelled to Birmingham with my wife, our daughter and her husband to watch England play Sri Lanka at Edgbaston in a 50 over match. The crowd was electrified, the news that the working people of the UK had overturned the elite oppression of the EU in a referendum buzzed everywhere, in bars, hotels, the bus to the ground, and amongst our neighbours seated opposite the Holly Stand. Sri Lanka batted first and scored around 250. England knocked them off in a devastating display from England’s openers Hales and Roy. The country was on a surge of optimism, this team WOULD win the next world cup and we WOULD now escape the totalitarian grip of the European Union. One was true, one wasn’t.

England won the World Cup a month ago, absolute heroics in the face of brilliant fair play cricket from those great cricketers from New Zealand. We watched the final in a French hotel, nobody else understood us, the excitement, the ecstasy, the agony. They just didn’t get our passion, our patriotism. See the parallels?

The UK parliament has talked, discussed, prevaricated, voted, argued, undermined, formed anti-alliances, lied, disrespected, for three fecking years …… sorry I’ve run out of words!

So now we have a prime minister who has set a red line to OBEY the law that was instituted to LEAVE the EU on October 31st. This is something that was a law originally set for March 31st but was overturned and reset for October by the un-democrats.

Last week the new UK prime minister decided, with normal protocol, to seek The Queens permission to outline his plans to develop the uk with his vision, business plan, and budget. It’s commonly known as the Queens Speech or more formally as The Humble Address. It occurs at the start of every new parliament or government….. BUT hasn’t occurred for 3.5 years since Theresa May became PM. That is the longest delay since the year 1660! Not mentioned by the BBC, the Guardian, by Jeremy Corbyn, by Jo Swinson etc etc. This is normal for a new chief executive of any organisation to outline his plans and to have them scrutinised. On the other hand there have been occasions when parliament has been prorogued for different reasons, such as by the hypocrite ex PM John Major in 1997 to cover up the MP expenses scandal, or by the Labour PM Clement Atlee who closed parliament in 1948 ……. Oh the sheer hypocrisy of the Marxist revolutionary Jeremy Corbyn or John Major who now conspires in a legal challenge against the Queen.

And now, yes even now, we have the delicious irony of the Labour driven Marxist inspired minority blocking the bridges, closing streets, preventing people going to work or businesses opening saying they intend to occupy parliament and close it. Nothing spontaneous, all organised with standard banners pre printed. You really couldn’t make it up, so go ahead, PLEASE occupy and close parliament down so that the existing law of leaving the EU on October 31 occurs by default. Dear Jeremy has NO chance against Boris and Dominic.

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