Totalitarian Britain: State Capture is nigh!

Unionism appears to be sleepwalking into oblivion and the UK, once admired around the world for an understated but comfortably unifying Britishness that was inclusive, outward-looking, tolerant and ultimately pragmatic, now presents an ugly picture.”

Gordon Brown, Labour Prime Minister 2008-2010

I never thought I’d agree with anything from an ex Labour prime minister, especially one who was Tony Bliar’s right hand man for 10 years. But he is absolutely right that the UK is sleepwalking into a dystopian totalitarian oblivion ….. but he’s got his reasons and rationale all wrong, because he has been part of it for almost 20 years!

Let’s begin with a few recent incidents, all triggered and related to the UK leaving the European Union, (Brexit), and organisation that is increasingly totalitarian itself. Since 2016 there has been constant undermining of the leave process from ALL parties who care nought for a democratic referendum result:

  • Liberal Party ex Leader policy: “Bollocks to Brexit”
  • Liberal Party new Leader, Jo Swinson: “We need another “peoples referendum on Brexit, and ….. er no, I won’t respect the result”!
  • Green Party Leader, Caroline Lucas: “We need another “peoples referendum” on Brexit, and ….. er no, I won’t respect the result”!
  • Labour Party Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell: “If the prime minister won’t resign I’ll send Jeremy Corbyn to the Queen to demand she fires him and puts us in control”

Don’t tell me these aren’t totalitarian statements and behaviours, it’s not about Brexit, it’s not about parliamentary sovereignty…… it’s about people sovereignty over parliament! But it goes beyond these incidents singly, because this is where Gordon Brown is right about the sleepwalking, because we ARE sleepwalking into a totalitarian communist state with a Labour Party now exposed as being hell bent on “state capture”. This was a term I first came across in Nepal as I witnessed 10 years of a Maoist party openly advocate it as a tactic to turn the country from a monarchy into a communist federal republic. Now in Britain the mask has slipped on some very nasty people in the Labour Party who have been implementing Lenin’s FOUR KEY CONDITIONS for revolution and state capture.

1. The existing ruling class must be seen to have fractured and self evidently unable to govern. This has clearly happened with the current government voted against and criticised for EVERYTHING they do, even when they inject funding into the NHS, the police, or stand against the bullying of the EU. This isn’t opposition behaviour, it’s condition one of Lenin.

2. The middle classes must be led to believe that the existing system can no longer give them basic security and a decent life. We are at this stage now, horrific knife crime rises in London with a Labour Mayor doing nothing about it, girl grooming gangs being exposed in many of Britain’s cities, Project Fear about Brexit incessantly rammed down our throats with threats of food shortages, medicine shortages, civil disruption and riots! This is Lenin’s condition two, the flames of fear being fanned by the left wing media.

3. The working classes must turn against the existing political AND economic structures and fight them. John McDonnell has been encouraging this all of his political life, praising rioters in 2010, attacking a jail sentence given to a rioting student who threw a fire extinguisher from a roof into a crowd in 2011, and writing articles on the need for a “militant movement” to overthrow the state. Fortunately this behaviour has been exposed by the great working classes of the North of England, so the Labour Party has increasingly infiltrated education especially universities. “No Platforming” is a classic tactic now where speakers on politics, economics or even science whose views don’t fit the communist narrative are attacked and prevented from speaking.

4. Marxist Leadership is the final condition to achieve state capture and overthrow the existing system, and the Labour Party now have it. Previous Labour Leaders such as Harold Wilson, Jim Callaghan, Tony Bliar for example were as far from Marxism as Margaret Thatcher, but Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnel, Diane Abbot, David Lammy and the rest of the Labour front bench in parliament are as Marxist as you can be. Condition four was achieved some time ago.

31 thoughts on “Totalitarian Britain: State Capture is nigh!

  1. “De-platforming” is a big one for me in terms of the state of affairs. I wrote about it on my blog about YouTube. It is interesting to see, particularly social media companies, preaching freedom of speech as a platform but are then acting like editors when choosing which political agendas thrive and which fail on the site. It is the same with Facebook and Twitter, it is predominantly conservative and right wing content being stripped from view.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Danny, at least you’re commenting on the post content! Unlike some! No platforming is a big one for me too, it’s respected scientists and philosophers usually who this happens to because they don’t fit to Marxist agenda or line of thought. It’s shutting down scientific debate especially on environmental issues often with spurious argument or outright lies. Totalitarian! Now Sir Nick Clegg, a failed politician is communication guru for Facebook we can expect no less. My second post in an hour might interest you with two videos. Hope you’ll comment?


      1. Paranoia. The chances of UK slipping into a communist style regime are non-existent. Corbyn and the shadow cabinet may be radical and a long way left of centre but they remain democratic socialists that believe in parliamentary government.

        The extreme right wing press have dubbed it a power grab but you can get a balanced view by reading the Guardian. It is a legitimate political move not totally different from Johnson’s coup d’état!

        What I will never understand is why people support a right wing dictatorship based on privilege and self-interest.

        Vive La Revolution!

        There, that’s my view!


        1. I think your analysis is clever but is wrong. As I say I really don’t believe that the UK could slip into a communist regime or the other way of course. Extremism on both sides slides into totalitarianism. Parliament is essentially centrist but with even with the narrow band of centre politics there is an inevitable spectrum. Currently we are experiencing polarisation of the centre to its natural limits.

          You wrote the article to generate response I assume?

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        2. Just in response to Jeremy Corbyn being a ‘democratic socialist’, I’m pretty sure that’s still just socialism. It would be interesting to know what you think the difference is as I am genuinely curious.

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        3. Of course it is still socialism but it remains firmly within democratic boundaries. Don’t believe the nonsense that socialism is equal to a system that removes democratic representation.

          That reminds me, in a totally undemocratic betrayal you Tories have surrendered power to the puppeteer Dominic Cummings, an unelected demagogue. Or do I mean Tory Demi-God?

          Where do you people buy your blinkers?

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        4. Hey, I’m all for people commenting and letting me know what they think, I just whack my opinions online for some conversation.

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        5. Consider this. It is Johnson not Corbyn who threatens to close down Parliament and rule without democratic representation. I think the last person to do that was King Charles I and it didn’t end well for him!

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        6. I can understand that view and I don’t believe socialism would have a horrible impact on our democratic system. But hasn’t socialism, as a ‘government owns the means of production’ system, inherently needed a dictator to oversee it? When you socialise things you change commodities into rights, people can be forced into providing you what are normally commodities for fixed prices dictated by government. As they are now “rights” the recipient feels more entitled.

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        7. Socialism isn’t communism. Socialism is about a mixed economy, a partnership between state control of industry for the good of the general population and capitalism for the benefit of the few. If there were to be a genuine socialist government in UK there will be no five year plans or price controls or food shortages or a dictatorship just a continuation of stable democratic Parliamentary Government with a capitalist opposition in the House of Commons.

          A socialist is not a communist any more than a Conservative is a fascist. These extremes simply do not exist in UK politics.

          Anyway I worked for ten years in privatised industry, it was a disaster, private companies exploiting the State, it didn’t work, that is my experience, I am a proud socialist!


        8. Socialism is not communism. I agree. But it is on the spectrum towards communism. I don’t agree with the notion that capitalism is for the few. Free market capitalism has been the system that has drive the biggest technological innovations and financial growth. The notion that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer simply isn’t true. Everyone gets richer, even the poverty line is moving up with the riches of everyone else. If the problem is the exploitation of the state (which I agree definitely happens at times) then should we be not getting our sense of community back? I believe with new found wealth does come loss of virtue. Why not inculcate a sense of community and the importance of helping one another i times of economic hardship. This has been fundamentally lost in our society.


    1. Would you like to comment on the article, maybe you agree with it, or continue the Marxist tactic of deflection? Anything to avoid the issue? Is this what Corbyn and McDonnell are doing? Discuss!


    1. Classic left wing response: deflect from the topic and denigrate the writer. Nice try. Have you read this mornings news about Corbyn’s power grab letter?


        1. I suppose it depends what colour spectacles you wear when you read the article. Any newspaper article for that matter. It is a matter of interpretation.

          The political right wing are terrified of challenge and change and that is why they call themselves conservatives. Across the political spectrum we just happen to have an extreme right wing at this point in time.


        2. I think you don’t understand “extreme right wing” then. Corbyn and McDonnell are exposed now as extreme left with their policies and behaviour. All in my post. But recent Tory governments right wing? Please! Anyway, you’re going to love my 12 noon post, a couple of videos, just facts no opinions


        3. As I say I don’t believe that there is real dangerous extremism in UK politics just a stretching both ways of the centre where we all live.

          I look forward to the noon post. I hope that it is going to be well balanced.


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