Totalitarian Britain: Big Brexit Lies!

 Britain is on the verge of leaving the EU on October 31st with or without a deal from the EU. Without a deal though means trading on WTO (World Trade Organisation) terms. Our government is being attacked from all sides however with the mantra of “there is no mandate for no deal” and the usual “we didn’t know what we were voting for” and “nobody told us no deal was an option”. Have a look at this video, a compilation of some politicians speaking BEFORE the referendum in 2016 and see if we were told about no deal/WTO terms:

 Now you’ve got that bit right, have a listen to Phillip Hammond the ex Chancellor also speaking BEFORE the referendum. This is the man who for 3 years has actively blocked planning for no deal, saying it’s a bad thing. What did he say about WTO being the only honest model?

 So there you have it, am I the only one who DID know what he was voting for and just want it actioned because that’s what all the leaflets said in 2016 AND was in the manifesto of each party at the last election. The lies have come from people trying to stop Brexit and these two videos prove it on the day Jeremy Corbyn begins his bid for state capture with a letter seeking to have him placed as prime minister of a “government of national unity” and overthrowing the current government.

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  1. And a second referendum would achieve exactly what?
    The first one split us broadly 50/50 and a second one will be as close.
    In the meantime I suggest we all ponder the question: – would our fathers and grandfathers (please include mothers and grandmothers if offended) wish us to vote to be part of “Greater Germany” or would we prefer Great Britain?
    What exactly were they fighting for in two World Wars?

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  2. Interesting but irrelevant. If I had the time I could trawl through hours of political debate to make my alternative point. Time has moved on and 2019 is not 2016. What we know now we didn’t know then. Even though I voted leave – Second referendum please.


    • Irrelevant? Not to the people who have been called thick because they didn’t know what they were voting for and that no deal WTO wasn’t mentioned. That really is totalitarian offensiveness! Trawl all you like, but this is very relevant to 17.4 million people who have been insulted beyond belief.


      • Just not true Brian. No one really knew what they were voting for – leave or remain! Both sides lied so much so let’s do it again but with some honesty this time!

        Some other things we should do…

        Gag the Daily Express for spreading any more lies

        Find David Cameron and put him in the Tower of London

        Immediately dismiss Dominic Cummings as a threat to all of us (I note that you ignore my views on that)

        Find someone who can lead us properly instead of a pantomime clown (or a communist of course).

        Finally – a second referendum please!


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