Totalitarian Britain “C’est la bullshit!”

I have quite a few friends in France, mostly winemakers, who are concerned about the effect of Brexit on their business. But, who do they blame ………. President Microman! But I have news for them, and for all those totalitarians in our parliament who are trying their damnedest to undermine our democracy through lies, lies and more lies. They constantly tell us that the ports will close or be blocked by customs checks and French intransigence. Well, here’s a statement today issued by the head of the French Channel Ports, Jean-Marc Puissesseau:

“The British authorities have been doing a great deal to prepare. People say they are asleep but I can assure you that they are highly professional and they are ready.There are certain individuals in the UK who are whipping up this ­catastrophism for their own reasons. This has provoked a lot of concern but basically ‘c’est la bullshit’.

“Nothing is going to happen the day after Brexit, we will not check trucks more than we are today with the migrants.The only thing we will be asking for is the customs declaration but we will not stop or ask more than we are doing today.”

We are sleeping our way into totalitarianism if we allow these constant lies to keep us in the EU, because there is no doubt that the EU is a totalitarian system and establishment who very nearly got away with trapping us in their clutches for ever thanks to a useless puppet of a prime minister!

3 thoughts on “Totalitarian Britain “C’est la bullshit!”

  1. I am concerned that Britain outside the EU could be forced to make compromises on issues like the environment, food standards, society … that being part of the EU gives greater protection against. From a neutral position (I “voted” for both in the referendum) I have come round to thinking it better to have to compromise with the EU than with the US.

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