Do you have “green fingers”?

Grandad taught me how to grow vegetables, especially onions ….. and carrots. They go together, the first scaring away the dreaded carrot fly. I followed his advice and guidance through my youth, middle age and into old age. But this year I fancied a flower or two.

Being a tight-git of a Northerner, everything had to come from seed, so it all began in March, sowing in peat pots, then transplanting up a size or two, before planting out in May. Zinnia, Gazinia, Sweet Peas, Osteospurmam, Mysenbryanthemum …… Here’s a few now filling our borders, and …… continuing the theme of being a tight Northern git …… I’m collecting seeds!

20 thoughts on “Do you have “green fingers”?

  1. Hello,
    I am new to WordPress. I opened this account because I am trying to grow vegetables and I would love to be successful. If you don’t mind, can you tell me how did you grow your carrots and onions? what kind of soil did you use? Thanks for helping.


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    1. My soil initially was a mixture of existing soil PLUS sand! Carrots need light soil without stones and lumps. I dug a trench one metre wide and sowed two rows of Nantes carrots for summer. Outside the two rows I planted onion sets to keep carrot root fly away. Each year I would throw away the soil in the trench and refill it with compost plus sand. No problems, big carrots.


      1. Thank you very much for the info. My big problem is the sand. They don’t sale sand at the Home Depot or other local garden nurseries. So, what if I cannot find sand? Is there’s any other option? I really would love experiencing planting carrots.

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        1. They have a multipurpose sand, but it looks like a construction sand for mortar. I am not sure. Please let me know if it is the one I need to buy. Thanks

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  2. Your flowers are so lovely. Even better from seed. Mom always grew a fabulous garden on the farm that produced wonderful meals for us all year long. She always wanted to plant a few flowers but my practical German farmer father said they were a waste of good land.

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    1. Your father sounds like a very practical man, my grandparents and parents were the same growing vegetables out of necessity during and post WW2. Champa and I also grew our own for the first 10-15 years of our marriage, we couldn’t afford not to with a mortgage rate of 11% and inflation at 16%! It’s different for us now, but we had to work very hard to get “here”

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    1. 🙏🙏 It’s been a hobby for almost 50 years, but never flowers, always veg. This is my first year of really trying and it’s becoming obsessive! Somewhere nice to sit out and drink away the wine collection!


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