Why don’t I just kill myself? Nihilism?

Nihilistic thoughts in a French wine bar! There’s nothing like a wine bar in France to bring out the philosopher in us all, especially if it’s named after the great French philosopher, monk, doctor, satirist and author ……… Rabelais, even to the extent of philosophising about “doing my country a favour and killing myself”. Is this nihilism? If it is, I don’t know enough to determine whether my thoughts below represent a form of Existential Nihilism, Moral Nihilism or Political Nihilism.

Now, I realise that some of you will be horrified by my comment, and some of you might be quite pleased, and what determines your stance is mostly your politics. Bizarre isn’t it, nothing to do with your humanity, your morals, ethics, beliefs, or your religion. Quite simply it’s all down to your politics.

My family would be devastated, but ………… those who are Extremist Remainers, people who voted to remain in the EU after our Referendum in the UK would be delighted. Let me explain.

Since that momentous act of democracy in June 2016, bloody hell was it so long ago, the twists, turns, machinations, scheming, undermining, jiggery pokery etc has been …… believable! Believable because the left wing shitheads now occupy a significant proportion of our parliament, all of our mainstream media, most of our universities, the Electoral Commission, the police, the judiciary, the Charity Commission. They are out and out totalitarians egged on by Corbyn’s Labour Party, Momentum, The Liberal Democrats (an oxymoron if ever there was one) the Green Party, and the SNP. Let’s use this as background to justify my post title.

Take a look at social media, the rotten core of society in the UK today, it could lead you to believe that a leftist leaning political belief was in the majority. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or BBC forums, people of my age, centrist in political beliefs, democratic and patriotic to my dying breath are constantly branded as racist, fascist, homophobic, misogynistic gammons. Not only that! The people who brand us as such laud the fact that we are old, voted specifically to destroy our children’s future, AND …… will thankfully die before the next referendum or general election so that “the young”, who presumably include brainwashed 16 year olds that the Labour Party will grant voting rights to, will be in a majority.

Well I have news for you all, the only chance of my kicking the bucket before the next general election is if I drink too much of this wonderful Loire wine, stagger into the street, and get run over by one of President Macron’s police cars in hot pursuit of some old granny wearing a yellow vest! In other words …… zilch! In vino veritas! My daughter and her husband will be voting you down too, as will all of her YOUNG business friends, so will the young folks working in the shops and cafes in our village, as will the students I met recently at the local hospital. So, suck it up, and bugger off! Very soon “Nunc est Bibendum”, and my passport will be blue again!

Rabelais looks down on my nihilistic musings!

As a footnote, Buddha (Sid to The Two Doctors) raised the issue of Moral Nihilism in the Theravada and Mahayana Tripitaka in which he stated that Nihilists believed that good AND bad actions produced no spiritual consequences and that there is no rebirth after death. This has also led Buddhists to consider Nirvana as a form of Nihilism because it is also a state described as “nothingness” which …….. according to Sid is wrong and not the same as “no-thingness”. Personally I don’t get it, Sid ….. are you there, I’m in the wine bar?

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  1. An interesting post Brian!
    So now we have a proven liar as PM and another one as Home Secretary, morons Javid and Raab in top posts, the most obnoxious and duplicitous man in Westminster in charge of Brexit and a self-serving upper class twat as Leader of the House. I am so depressed about UK politics. I think I may sell up and leave!


  2. Yup no-thingness or emptiness. Things do not exist in the way in which we perceive them. They are empty of our labels, judgments, and our stupidity. Things do not exist independently of other things, they are fully and completely dependent on a myriad of other conditions and situations. Isn’t it wonderful?

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  3. Definitely too much time spent in the wine bar!

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