Is YOUR mainstream media as bad as this?

I’ve just about had it with the antics of the left leaning media in Britain at present, if they lean much more they’ll fall flat …… Oh happy days, if only! But I have a feeling that all the decent people here are starting to see through them, because the tv channels in particular have become so arrogantly brazen that an alien from a different galaxy could see it.

There have been three incidents in the past couple of weeks that to some may seem funny, to others may seem justified, and to a few even irrelevant, and if you’re in one of these three camps I suggest you imagine it affecting you or your family before you comment here.

BBC Radio 4

First up is the “so called” comedian/comedienne, Jo Brand, and I’m genuinely unsure these days which word to use in fear of causing offence, so I apologise immediately and prostrate myself! On a BBC Radio 4 show here in England Ms Brand referred to the fact that some of our politicians have recently been “milk shaked” with protesters walking up to them and chucking a carton of their chosen flavour over them. Cue fake laughter! She then continued saying it was a waste of a good milk shake, and in the case of the recent politician Nigel Farage, Mr Brexit, it might have been better if it had been BATTERY ACID! Hate Speech personified, she realised she had stirred up a shit storm, and apologised. Was she fired from the BBC, did the BBC apologise too, was she prosecuted for “hate speech”? Don’t hold your breath!

Channel 4

Second we have the Channel 4 News debate set up (I use those two words deliberately) for a debate between the candidates for the current leadership of the Conservative Party. One of the candidates, Boris Johnson, refused to take part and would give no reason why. He was branded as a coward and many other things, but it’s only later that a few things came to light. Firstly he had a prior engagement with an Israeli government/Jewish civil organisation that evening which he would not reveal or publicise (Its the times we live in!), and secondly it has been revealed that there was a clandestine set-up for two women to label him as a misogynistic homophobe and to state on interview that he was unfit to be prime minister and they wouldn’t vote for him, which he was to be challenged over during the debate. Except …… these were two foreign young women, on holiday in mayor Sadiq Khan’s Londonistan, who had sadly been attacked, had been fed leading questions by the Channel 4 interviewer, and …….. had never heard of Boris Johnson! No, I am NOT making this up!


Third we have the BBC debate between the leadership candidates, remember the BBC, previously the bastion of democracy, balance, fair play around the world? Well, they selected a number of people to pose questions to the 5 remaining candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party as part of their “objective, balanced, informative” enlightenment of we deplorables as Hilary Clinton called us with such hatred. (Remember, these candidates are being selected by members of the Conservative Party, not by the general public, so it could have been really interesting to see how these voting members questioned their potential leaders). But no, what did we get, another set up, with nasty questions from “Aman from London” and “Abdullah from Bristol”, with Aman being a Labour Party Council candidate and also having worked as a Legal Assistant at the Labour Party HQ. On the other hand, Abdullah from Bristol has been involved in Zionist conspiracy theories, having recently suggested that Israel/Jews should be relocated to America, and that women were to blame for being “taken advantage of” by men! Their questions to ALL of the candidates were as obnoxious as they were irrelevant, yet supported and driven on by the increasingly shrill attitude and behaviour of the BBC moderator.

The Avalanche is Coming!

The current government seem to have no stomach for “taking on” the disgusting BBC, a media organisation who are actually funded by them. Or rather they are funded by us, the deplorables, through a mandatory monthly licence fee. Additionally, all of our media news outlets are driven by their own political agendas whether its globalism, anti populism, environmentalism, socialism, anti brexitism …… Whatever happened to investigative journalism, all we ever get now is opinion pieces, advocacy interviewing in many cases or fawning laissez-faire style interviewing if it’s someone whose views the interviewer happens to agree with. The politicians are part of the problem too, they will not stand up to these self important journalists when asked irrelevant questions over and over and over, and I know very few people now who actually watch any of the tv news channels, such is the level of disgust and anger. This disgust and anger is adding to the growing level of “negativity and despair” in our country that will not be solved by endless debates in parliament, another referendum, or even proroguing parliament. The ONLY democratic solution is a general election, let the parties stand up and declare their manifestos, let us question them on the doorstep as before, let us look them in the eye and judge them. They are ALL in for a shock, as are the media, because I have a feeling that only ONE party is so different from the rest that the landslide will be more of an avalanche as the rotten core of self serving career politicians will be swept into the dustbin.

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  1. I read with interest. I don’t have a TV, I don’t take the papers, I don’t listen to radio. And after reading your post, I realise why I don’t have a TV, why I don’t take the papers, and why I don’t listen to radio. Because I have a life

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    • Thanks for your comment. We don’t watch any TV except a few soaps my wife watches and Netflix. No newspapers, no radio. But .. we use the internet to browse what mainstream media in the UK are up to, plus a few good investigative journalist sites such as Guido Fawkes.

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      • I used to get my news, as required, from the internet. But now… my interest fails. I am content with myself and my world. Why delve into others? Besides, and here’s probably the truth of it, each re-entry brings yet more of a culture shock, yet within this, the country of my birth, the country that’s nurtured me.

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        • I respect your views entirely, but now in our 70s we can afford some time fighting back against lies, especially if my dad fought his way off the beaches of Dunkirk.

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  2. I have to profoundly disagree. I’m afraid that my gripe is with the right-leaning, biased BBC, who give air-time to the likes of Nigel Farage, fill the Question Time audience with right-wing Brexiteers and allow presenters like Andrew Marr to demonstrate their right-wing leanings by constantly giving Tory ministers an easy ride on their programmes. It depends on one’s perspective and I am a proud socialist, who has arrived at this position by shifting to the left from a very Conservative childhood because I want to see a fairer society. I dread the announcement today and cannot believe that I am rooting for the person who damaged the NHS so deeply as the least bad person to be our PM. I too long for a general election.

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