A Brexiteer Bastille Day

Wandering around Chinon yesterday, July 14th, a day when French people celebrate their freedom from oppression, I captured this photo of Geoff, a bar owner in the town centre reading The Brexiteer newspaper. I asked him what he most liked about it and he said “it’s free for democrats….. so that means non-democrats must pay!”

I think he nailed it!

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  1. It never fails to amuse me that France and the USA celebrate moments of liberty and we celebrate 1066!

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    • Bonkers! But we now have a third World Cup to celebrate, all of which were won in extra time ….. what would the odds on that have been? We were gripped by it until 9pm here, then were too knackered to eat much so opened a few bottles instead!

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      • I don’t find it bonkers at all, I think it says something about our national identity. We celebrate a massive defeat that changed the way we lived forever! I cannot think of another country that would celebrate in this way.

        This was my take on it from a few years ago…


        • It’s bonkers because we don’t celebrate successes! The Zulus didn’t celebrate Rourkes Drift, The Germans don’t celebrate D Day. The start point is surely to celebrate something successful, not something that was akin to genocide and/or suppression of the Saxons?


        • So what is your suggestion?

          I believe we don’t celebrate because we don’t need to. We had the first European Revolution, long before the French, the agricultural and the industrial revolutions before anyone else, the biggest Empire ever in the World and we invented football, rugby and cricket. If we had a day off to celebrate all of our achievements no one would ever go to work and it would cost a fortune in fireworks!

          I hope that you are having a good time!


        • No suggestions because suggestions from us plebs, deplorables, and other adjectives recently applied are ridiculed, undermined, ignored, and branded as imperialist, racist, backward looking etc etc. I have no intention of feeding the Marxist destruction machine with ammunition. I’ve already raised the white flag in the certainty that many of the positive things you mention will be lost, in fact already are lost because they have already been eradicated from books, courses, universities. A few years back we asked a young waitress who was wearing an England football shirt about 1966 World Cup, she looked blankly at us and said “Nah, dint do ‘istory at school!”.


        • Fascinating of course that we don’t even celebrate St George’s Day.
          What interests me about World Cup 1966 is that the mascot ‘World Cup Willie’ wore a Union flag shirt rather than an England cross of St George.


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