Book Review: The Savernake Novels #7

One Misty Moisty Morning, Susanna M Newstead
“One misty moisty morning, when cloudy was the weather, I met with an old man a-clothèd all in leather. He was clothèd all in leather, with a cap beneath his chin, Singing ‘How d’ye do and how d’ye do and how d’ye do again’.”
Book cover, Savernake Novels, One misty moisty morning
This is the title of Book 7 in the Savernake Novels by Susanna M Newstead. Set in England after the Norman Conquest and during the reign of King John, they are centred on the life of Sir Aumery Belvoir, nobleman, constable, and warden of Savernake Forest. A boyhood friend of the king, Aumery is a “detective” by appointment and finds himself investigating all kinds of murders around the ancient town of Marlborough, a place we live extremely close to. 
Each mystery tale is woven around a nursery rhyme or a song, and this one concerns a series of murders, not just one: a bearward, a miller, a milkmaid, an old woman …. but what’s the connection behind them and who is responsible?
What I most like about these books is their historical accuracy, especially in the environment, the trades, the place names, and the portrayal of John as a fair king interested in the law, justice and fairness. 
It was a “misty moisty morning” yesterday in our village and the book plus the colourful early hours prompted me to take a walk along the Thames footpath, out to The Roundhouse and back through the village. Never saw a soul, except for a single fisherman who caught a couple of Chubb while we chatted about the pathetic British government and bloody Brexit again! Strange really as he was Scottish!
A few photos from the walk, misty and moisty:
Lechlade, Thames River Walk
Lechlade, Thames River Walk
Lechlade, Thames River Walk
Lechlade, Thames River Walk
Lechlade, Thames River Walk

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2 replies

  1. I love your misty photos.


    • Thank you Darlene, it was a nice coincidence that I had just finished that book when I went for that morning walk along the river. I wish you’d write more travel or local posts …. I feel so guilty not commenting on your Amanda work 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


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