Watch how to obliterate a Marxist

Jeremy Corbyn a very dangerous Marxist

The fact that the leadership of the official UK opposition party, The Labour Party, is now controlled by Marxists should be a concern to all of us. And yet their transgressions are somehow overlooked by a deluded section of the British population, especially those whose source of information is Facebook or Twitter as they read about the utopian dreams of their leader, “dear Jeremy”! Also fuelling their adoration is the mainstream media, especially the growingly detested BBC and the totally irrelevant The Guardian newspaper. Note the now over-pretentious titles of these two, one claiming to still be British and the other puffing itself up as a guardian of social justice and democracy. Pardon me for a minute while I laugh myself sick! Both my parents were true socialists and voted for the Labour Party all their lives, but if still living they would detest these vermin with a vengeance.

I have some experience of Marxism having spent a great deal of my time in Nepal where a 10 year civil war ended in 2006, and shortly afterwards the people elected a Marxist prime minister. A second one was elected a few years later and the intimidation and corruption accelerated with the population totally duped into believing their impoverished country would be turned into “another Switzerland”. This particular prime minister was my nephew!

Back to the British Marxists, their leader Jeremy Corbyn has a Teflon-like ability to escape any censorship for his links and sharing platforms with terrorists, especially the IRA, Bader Meinhof, and Hesbollah. He ignores investigations into the anti Semitic nature of his party and its “military wing” Momentum, and he tolerates blatent misogyny within his party as female MPs who argue with some of his policies are threatened and harassed. One lady currently has security guards protecting her!

Jeremy Corbyn a very dangerous Marxist

So a few days back it was an absolute joy to see him get an absolute roasting in the British Parliament at Westminster during the various speeches of party representatives during a Brexit debate. Each party had 10-20 mins for a senior member to sum up their party views/policies etc and naturally we heard from the Liberal Democrat’s, the Scottish Nationalists and the Labour Party. But then it was the turn of the Conservative Party for whom Michael Gove was representing. Now, Gove is not a politician I particularly admire or even like, but his blistering attack on each party and especially Jeremy Corbyn was an absolute joy to behold. He had praise for each speaker, but then picked apart the SNP delegate for not once mentioning how to protect Scottish fishermen post Brexit, then he ridiculed the Liberal Democrats for actually first suggesting a referendum before it was held in 2016 but now wanting another because they didn’t like the result. It was all knockabout stuff and very funny. But then it got absolutely deadly as he completely eviscerated the leader of the Labour Party (The member for Islington if you’re not used to our MPs not being actually named in our parliament) calling him out on his terrorist links, anti semitism and misogyny. The passion of Gove was quite extraordinary and something I have not seen in any of our politicians for a long time. I lost count of how many times he said “this man is not fit to be a prime minister of this country ….. he can’t even stand up for the women in his own party etc etc.

Do take a look at the video, it’s only 11 minutes duration, and liking or disliking Gove is irrelevant because at least the man had the guts to expose Corbyn as part of the axis of evil in this country alongside the BBC and the Guardian! So if you disagree with the criticism of Corbyn, or don’t believe he is a danger to our country, or don’t believe he has supported terrorists, is anti Semitic or misogynistic then please comment. But don’t bother to use the standard left wing tactic of ignoring the message and attacking the messenger because my site is designed to automatically return such comments with a virus attached 😂😂. If you don’t know him, Corbyn is the scruffy bearded one sitting opposite Gove.

10 thoughts on “Watch how to obliterate a Marxist

  1. Thank you for this entertaining video. I’m am sure many in the Parliament had a sore throat afterwards.
    I can’t help wondering what happened freedom of speech in England when you had a great thinker like John Milton to influence ideas for freedom

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  2. Sad Andrew, very sad. Imagine similar terrorist connections and behaviour from Boris and the vilification of him would be thunderous ……. quite right and I would agree with it.


  3. Don’t keep holding back Brian, just come straight out and say what you are thinking.

    I try to keep away from politics if I can but in response I would say that criticising a socialist for being influenced by Marx is just as daft as saying a capitalist is influenced by Adam Smith.

    Jeremy Corbyn is a product of the deep divisions in our society which has its roots in the extreme right wing dogma of Thatcherism. The Tories have created their own Frankenstein’s monster That is what happens when politics and society polarises to the extent that it has in the UK. One side radicalises and so does the other.

    Someone needs to fill the void in the centre or we are heading for big trouble.

    As for connections need I point out that the Tory Government supports and supplies a terror regime itself in Saudi Arabia.

    I best not get started on the weasel Michael Gove. I get that he is probably the most intellectual MP in Parliament and a very convincing orator but there is no getting away from the fact that he is the most duplicitous and deceitful politician of modern times.

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      1. I am simply making an observation, don’t mistake that for support, I come done neither way, I simply call for balance and toleration of alternative views. Except for Gove, I do mean what I say about that creature!


        1. My article isn’t about Gove. What did Churchill say about siding with the devil if it got rid of Hitler? Gove’s speech was brilliant and did something that most are afraid of. They just won’t call Corbyn our!


        2. Well, you do have quite a lot to say about Gove and it is all positive stuff and I find it alarming to hear such good things about a man bereft of any political morals.

          I was responding to your comments about Corbyn which I find to be unfair. I don’t mind constructive criticism but mud-slinging deserves to be challenged.


        3. There can be no constructiveness towards a man who cavorts with IRA, Hesbolah etc, won’t tackle anti Semitic behaviour or misogyny and who wants to be PM. Agree?


        4. I disagree.

          Make no effort to be constructive about a radical and he/she becomes even more radical. Poke someone with a sharp stick and they become even more dangerous. This is the level to which May and Gove have descended. This is the basic course of a revolution (England, France, Russia) push too hard and as radicalisation gathers pace the moderates fade away.

          To be clear I am not talking about Corbyn’s politics I am more concerned by human nature and behaviour which shapes political history.

          We are on parallel tracks Brian and not heading for a collision.

          There is no need to worry anyway, he will never be PM, the PLP would never tolerate it. My money is on Keir Starmer or Barry Gardiner.


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